14th National Prize Show

Congratulations to the 14th National Prize Show Artists!

Kathleen Gerdon Archer MA Winter Dreams of Ancient Seas Polypropylene print on Sintra under Plexiglas $2,500 Member
Madeleine Altmann MA Walking on Ice Excerpted – Single Channel Installation Monitor  NFS Not-Yet Member
James Banks MA Catalpa Hippo – Melody – 3D PRIZE
Catalpa Wood $1,500 Not-Yet Member
Dale Blank MA Central Photography $475 Member
Benjamin Boothby NY
Boardwalk Splinters & Rusty Spigots
Oil, Silkscreen, and Acrylic on Panel 2,800 Not-Yet Member
Lora Brody MA Wings Composite Ink Jet Print $600 Not-Yet Member
Quenby Bucklaew MA Lanterns of Gion II – SOLD Mezzotint $225 Not-Yet Member
Arlene Chaplin MA Sail Away – SOLD Acrylic/Mixed Media $1,500 Member
Sally Chapman MA Broken Bike Archival Digital Print $300 Not-Yet Member
Sammy Chong MA Epilogue Graphite on paper $2,800 Not-Yet Member
Sandra Cohen MA True Believers Acrylic on Canvas $3,200 Not-Yet Member
Debi Cornwall NY Comfort Items, Camp 5 with Lateral Hazards Driving Range (2015) – PHOTO PRIZE
Chromogenic Prints from Medium Format Negatives $5000 (diptych) Not-Yet Member
Eric Crocombe MA Far Away Photograph $200 Not-Yet Member
Susan Denniston MA Infinite Sea Etching, Aquatint, Drypoint on Chine Colle $350 Member
Robert Diebboll MA Tapestry Oil on Linen $6,000 Member
Kevin Duffy MA Bend and Roll Granite $4,000 Member
Nina Earley MA Unhindered Bodies Unique archival print from handmade negative $3,800 Not-Yet Member
Yorgos Efthymiadis MA Untitled_03 Archival Pigment Print $1,150 Not-Yet Member
Noelle Fiori MA Inflicted Warrior Acrylic and collage on panel $1,000 Member
Laura Fischman MA Weather (Glow) Oil on Canvas $1,900 Not-Yet Member
Diane Francis MA NYC Woodblock Print $350 Member
Erik Gehring MA Tranquility Photograph – Archival Inkjet Print $725 Member
Kathryn Geismar MA Oil Rig Oil on Canvas $3,000 Member
Alexander Giavis MA Misunderstood – PAINTING PRIZE
Oil on Canvas $4,200 Not-Yet Member
Cara Gonier MA Piece of Sky Acrylic $2,800 Not-Yet Member
Julie Gorn MA From A Distance Oil, Oil Stick and Graphite $1,800 Not-Yet Member
Nancy Gruskin MA Phyllis’s Lilacs Acrylic Gouache on Cradled Panel $900 Not-Yet Member
Diana Grygo MA Radio City Mixed: handsewn beadwork, acrylics $6,200 Member
Kay Hartung MA Bio Fusion 8 Encaustic, Ppastel $750 Member
Amanda Hawkins ME Higher Ground Acrylic, charcoal $750 Not-Yet Member
Sirarpi Heghinian-Walzer MA Passages II Mixed Media, Pulp, Acrylic $1,800 Member
Barbara Ishikura MA Tsuki Suzushii I Mixed Media on Panel Mounted on Maple Cradle $2,000 Member
Doug Johnson MA Diver Digital Pigment Print $450 Member
Zehra Khan MA Rat Lace Ink on Paper $3,500 Not-Yet Member
Paul Kroner MA On Point Stainless and Granite $3,500 Member
Susan Lapides MA Fishing Archival Pigment Print $700 Member
Holly Larner MA Review Oil on Canvas $1,200 Member
Emma Leavitt MA Train People 3 – SOLD Acrylic $250 Not-Yet Member
Bonnie Lerner MA A Day at Brighton Beach, 1925 Reductive Monotype $1,200 Member
Robin Levandov MA Blackbird, Verse I Oil $750 Member
Susan M Lewinnek MA Harari Home, Harar, Ethiopia, 2014 Archival Ink Jet Print $450 Not-Yet Member
B. Glee Lucas MA La Rambla 1 Oil on Insulation Board $3,250 Member
Zoe McCarthy MA Polar Filament Ink and mono printed, collaged Washi paper on YUPO $895 Not-Yet Member
Bonnie Mineo MA Oceanside #7 Monoprint 700 Member
Mixed Media on Paper $1,500 Not-Yet Member
Carolyn Newberger MA What are we doing; Where are we going? Mixed Media $3,200 Member
Jeanette O’Connor MA Collage LXI Mixed Media $1,400 Not-Yet Member
Jenny Olsen MA Big Mari, Little Mari – BEST IN SHOW Oil on Canvas $3,000 Member
Polly Parke MA Little Pamet, Truro Acrylic on Board $450 Member
Jeanine Pastore MA Time Standing Still – My Family’s Cottage #2 Oil on Cradled Panel $2,000 Member
Cheryl Polcaro MA Lepidoptera Mixed Media $1,200 Member
Jasmyne Raneri MA Basilia Acrylic and metallic oil pen on canvas $900 Not-Yet Member
Sawyer Rose CA Bosselé Silver Solder, Copper $650 Not-Yet Member
Andrea Rosenthal MA Bike and Two Cars Archival inkjet sublimated onto metal $900 Member
Karen Rothman MA Snowed In Oil on canvas $8,000 Member
Claudia Ruiz-Gustafson MA The Mask and the Mirror 01 Photograph $150 Member
Lisa Gabrielle Russell MA
Reciprocity #513
Oil on Canvas $3,200 Member
Ellen Ryder Griffin NH Respite Photograph $450 Member
Frances  Schreiber MA Old Women’s Secrets Watercolor $2,000 Member
Michael Seif MA Exhalation Archival Pigment Print $1,100 Member
Gessica Silverman MA The Big Day Oil, Acrylic on Canvas $2,200 Member
Paul Sisson CO Next Auction Archival Pigment Print $850 Not-Yet Member
Kristin Stashenko MA In the Shadows Acrylic $2,500 Member
Bob Stegmaier MA Body Scape Photography $600 Member
Alan Strassman MA Waltham Green 123 Photography, Inkjet Print $450 Member
Suzanne Stumpf MA Eggshell Nest Sculpture $1,500 Not-Yet Member
Lorraine Sullivan MA Mother In Her Cherry Dress Mixed Media $9,000 Member
Leona Tevari MA Melting Alabaster NFS Member
Robert Thurlow MA Self-Portrait Number Three Photo printed on metal $800 Not-Yet Member
Aria Tudanger MA And Then The Storm Came Acrylic On Canvas $850 Not-Yet Member
Lidija Vukovic MA Connection – SOLD Oil and Acrylic $110 Member
Martha Wakefield MA One Time – SOLD Acrylic on Paper $1,200 Member
Kellie Weeks MA More Than – SOLD Encaustic $300 Member
Lelia Stokes Weinstein MA Family Wax, Bone, Paper $400 Member
Denis Wogan MA Anticipation Oil on Panel $300 Member
Laurence Young MA Viva La Cuba, Courtesy of Alden Gallery Oil/Wax and Charcoal on Canvas $1,600 Member
Philip Young MA Moonlight On Rough Sea Acrylic $1,000 Member