2015 Members Prize Show

Reception and Awards: Friday, October 9, 6-8pm

About our Juror

Dominic Molon as Richard Brown Baker Curator of Contemporary Art. In his role, Molon Dominic Molonis responsible for the interpretation, development and care of the RISD Museum’s significant collection of contemporary art —- including paintings, sculpture, and new media —- with an emphasis on exhibitions, publications, community engagement, and acquisitions.

Dominic Molon Photograph by Walead Beshty.


Accepted Artists

Deedee Agee Minot   Beach Monotype 24″x24″ $400
Pesya Altman Between Land and Sea | a sofa, a boat, and a swing Mixed Media 30″x40″ $1,500
Louise Arnold Parallel Lives, Winter Oil on Canvas 12″x36″ $1,200
N. Lee Ball Passages Oil on Canvas 24″x48″ $1,500
Jim Banks Card Water Based Oil on Board 19.5″x12″ $400
Barbara Barss Harbinger Collage 7.5″x13″ $600
Patricia Berube Brigette Monoprint 8″x10″ (4) $1,200
Katharine Colt Boden New York with Serra Monoprint with photo 29″x24″ $800
Dick Buckley Essence No. 171 Acrylic 28″x24″ $2,500
Mary Ann Bushweller Opiliones, Bicycling Digital Image 16″x20″ $400
Iris Chandler “Au Printemps” In the Spring Time Mixed Media Fabric and Collage NA $600
Sandra Clyne Form is Formlessness Charcoal, Pencil, Sumi Ink on Paper 13″x16″ $500
Anita Helen Cohen Stonefall Watercolor on Yupo 15″x22″ $975
David Covert PT. Reyes Acrylic 19″x25″ $900
Warren Croce Happy Golden Days of Yore Mixed Media 49″x37″ $3,600
Patty deGrandpre Contents May Shift During Flight Ink, Image Transfer on Drafting Film 12″x12″ $125
Susan Denniston Physical Properties Monoprint and Chine Colle 15″x12″ $250
Joseph Fontinha Frozen Pond #1 Oil on Canvas 30″x72″ $1,800
Nancy Fulton Light on the Horizon Photography 26″x20″ $470
Molly Gayley Cocktail Hour Acrylic on Canvas 12″x24″ $500
Erik Gehring Ice Fishing Shack Photograph – Archival Pigment Print 19″x24″ $500
Wally Gilbert Flying Digital Photo on Aluminum 30″x20″ $750
Julie Gorn Moving Day Oils, Oil stick 30″x30″ $1,800
E.C. Gower Shelter Photograph, Archival Inkjet Print 21″x32″ $600
Lee C. Griffin*
Sample Pattern, No. #1 Watercolor 30″x24″ $600 Mixed Media Award
Paula Herman Out My Window, #1 Mixed Media on Canvas 20″x20″ $700
Bob Hesse Warehouse I Photo, Pigment Print, Rag Paper, on Dibond C Matte Overlaminate 18″x24″ $400
Janet Hobbs Great Planes Watercolor 12″x16″ $250
Mark Hopkins Pondside Pyrrhic Photography 16″x26″ $480
Donna Howard Alone at Last Acrylic 22″x28″ $450
Wilson Hunt Fantasy Ride Acrylic Gouache on Yupo 12″x29″ $400
Debra K. Jayne Sunset Boulevard Acrylic 40″x50″ $5,000
Youngsheen A. Jhe Unexpected Answer Oil 40″x30″ $6,800
Andrea Kadomiya In the Bag! Oil on Wood 12″x12″ $600
Srinivas Kathoju Harmony in Chaos Acrylic and Oil on Canvas NA $350
Joe Kitsch Rubik O6 Acrylic on Canvas 24″x24″ $300
Lynne D. Klemmer Inuit Influences: Dual Owls, Rumanian Oil, Gouache, Pigment, Charcoal 43″x35″ $1,900
Kelly Knight* Homestead Fiber/Mixed Media 53″x24″ NFS – Sculptural Award
Jim Kociuba Cottonwood Acrylic on Canvas 48″x36″ $2,000
Crystalle Lacouture Color Nest Oil on Canvas 40″x40″ $950
Robin Levandov Verse XII Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird Oil on Canvas 12″x12″ $900
Zhonghe Li* Alll About Balance: Union of Yin & Yang Chinese Papercut on Rice Paper with Gold Leaf 31″x31″ $600 Work on Paper Award
John Maciejowski Metals 7 Mixed Media 20″x24″ $1,500
Sydell Masterman* A Green Moment Acrylic on Canvas   $3,200 Painting Award
Vicki McKenna Urban Gardening Pigment Inkjet Print 23″x27.5″ $400
Diane Nelson Gathering Storm Acrylic 8″x10″ $150
Emily Passman “1947 GMC Firetuck” Acrylic on Birchwood 30″x30″ $2,100
Zoe Perry-Wood* Elizabeth + Jessica, BAGLY Prom Series Archival Pigment Print 25″x17 $1,095, Photography Award
Moira Racich Southwest Sunset Acrylic on Hand Stretched Canvas 12″x12″ $1,050
Mimi Reilly Zero Visibility, Nantucket Oil on Canvas NA $8,000
Astrid Reischwitz Regret #13 (Pine Sapling) Pigment Print, Ed. 8/12 23’x30″ $725
Judith Robinson-Cox Vintage Vinyl Photograph 27″x20″ $400
Ruth Rosner Refugee Series: Rakewoman Sculpture: Plaster, wire, ash clay, found metal objects 47″x23″x17″ $6,900
Adrienne Sloane Red Rain Fiber 23″x14″ NFS (Value $475)
Siri Smedvig Krumma Visur Mixed Media 10″x8″ $600
Tom Stocker “Ren (Patience)” Acrylic on Canvas 24″x24″ $2,800
Betty J. Stone Corner Star Photography 16″x20″ $200
Alan Strassman SoHo 2014 Photograph, Archival Inkjet Print 22″x30″ $450
Natalie Titone Mt. Etna Albumen Photograph Print 5″x7″ $75
Barbara Trachtenberg Two Women, Bulgaria Archival Digitized Photography 16″x20″ $500
Brenda van der Beek Protagonist Mixed Media on Paper 18″x22″ $750
June Vernon From the Ground Up Digital Drawing 19.24″x53″ $650
Sarah Vincent-Hoag The Problem of Language Graphite and Gouache on Paper 22″x18″ NFS (Value $240)
Susan Vrotsos Rainbow Radiant II Acrylic $700
Amy Waltch Unwilling to Leave Summer Behind Wood-Cut 20.5″x24″ $800
Susie White Small Slice #2 Mixed Media (Plaster, Acrylic, Glue) 12″x42″ $1,650
Timothy Wilson Head to Head Photography 16″x40″ $200
Denis Wogan Ambition Oil on Panel 24″x24″ $2,000
John Wood Mozart’s Visitors Oil on Canvas 32″x38″ $800