Blue 2017 Exhibition Logistics

Information below is for 2017 Accepted & Exhibiting BLUE Artists

Exhibition Timeline
September 21st, Midnight: Online Submission Deadline
October 16th, After 5pm:
Acceptance posted online, no phone calls please.
October 24th – November 4th
: In person drop off, hours vary (see below)
November 4th: Shipping deadline, and last day to drop off
November 8 – December 20, 2017: Exhibition on display
November 16th, 6-8pm: Opening reception at both gallery locations. Awards will be presented at 7pm at University Place Gallery.
January 3rd & January 4th 2018: End of show Pick Up in the location your artwork is presented in

Exhibitor Agreement
Deadline: October 20th

Please email back all exhibitor agreements by doing one of the following: Sign electronically and email back or email scanned and signed copy. Or print out and sign, then email me a jpeg of the signed document. Also please READ the entire agreement before emailing back.

When accepted artists email the exhibitor agreement to Assistant Director, Cory Shea (, please inform our staff the date and time (listed below) you plan on dropping off your artwork. Drop off is by appointment only. If your artwork exceeds 60″ you will be emailed directly by me with separate instructions of drop off.
In Person – Drop Off : All work (unless it’s over 60″) will be dropped off at the Kathryn Schultz Gallery. The Kathryn Schultz Gallery is located at 25 Lowell Street, Cambridge MA 02138. For those unfamiliar with our space we share a yellow building with the New School of Music. Our entrance is in the back of the parking lot through the red door on the first floor. I will be taking in the artwork by appointment. If your work is 3D you will need to bring a pedestal. If this is an issue contact the CAA Staff. If you need to change your appointment date or time please reach out to the CAA Staff a week before the drop off.

Note hours vary – Accepted Artwork Drop Off:
Tuesday, October 24th – 11am-2pm
Wednesday, October 25th – 11am-2pm
Thursday, October 26th – 11am-2pm
Friday, October 27th – 11am-5pm
Saturday, October 28th – 11am-5pm
Tuesday, October 31st – 11am-5pm
Wednesday, November 1 – 11am-5pm
Thursday, November 2nd – 11am-5pm
Friday, November 3rd – 11am-5pm
Saturday, November 4th –  11am-5pm
Large Scale Artwork Direct Drop off: TBD – Our staff will contact you via Email about direct drop-off’s
University Place Gallery
124 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge MA 02138

If you are shipping artwork, please include a pre-paid return shipping label from Fed Ex, USPS or UPS with your artwork. Please do not give us account numbers – include an actual printed return shipping label. We will keep your boxes etc. to ship the piece back (that is if the piece doesn’t sell)! If you are shipping artwork to the Kathryn Schultz Gallery (25 Lowell Street, Cambridge MA 02138), artwork must be here by Saturday, November 4th, 5pm absolutely no exceptions.
Blue Artist Talk Registration
Click here if you would like to participate on December 15th, 12-2pm. Presented at the Kathryn Schultz Gallery
About Our Galleries
Blue Biennial will be split up into two locations, our Kathryn Schultz Gallery (where drop of is) and University Place Gallery (located in Harvard Square). Both locations are within a mile walk of each other. There is public parking at both spaces. Once the artwork is installed, CAA Staff will email artists the location of where your piece will hang. This will take place during the first full week of November.

Kathryn Schultz Gallery
25 Lowell Street, Cambridge MA 02138
Tuesday – Saturday, 11am-5pm
University Place Gallery
124 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge MA 02138
Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-1pm
(Note that there is no full time CAA staff at this location).
Pick Up
Artwork pick up is after the holidays (post New Years), in the location that your artwork is presented in. If you cannot pick up your artwork, please alert me before December 20th. See the exhibitor agreement for further details. We will have volunteers at the locations of your pick up to which you will sign out your artwork with. Bring wrapping materials, CAA does not hold onto materials unless your work was shipped.
Wednesday, January 3, 11am-5pm
Thursday, January 4, 11am-5pm
Shipped artwork will be returned the first week of January.

CAA Staff will be creating a digital card as well as printed/mailed postcard that will be available at the beginning of November. I will email you all when they are delivered to the gallery so you can stop by and grab some. I also create an exhibition book which includes all exhibiting artists accepted images and their statements that have been submitted into Slideroom. We get the books printed on demand from Magcloud, CAA purchases a select amount ahead of time, if you’re interested in buying one directly from us please contact me by October 31st. Otherwise the publication will be available for sale online.
Social Media
Follow us on social media! Tag CAA in your images of your accepted artwork and use the #CAABlue2017
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