Contemplating Landscapes

(Work Above | Sobell Pastore, Loraditch, Mahon, Ives and Moore)

Featuring the work of Kay Ives, Timothy Loraditch, Patricia Mahon, Sandys Moore and Jeanine Sobell Pastore
Opening Reception | Friday, March 18, 6-7:30pm

As interpreters, admirers, and renderers of landscapes, five artists have come together in a group show to share their distinct approaches to their art. Drawing from a range of color and image, the artists lend insight to their personal journeys across the art landscape. Though each artist’s approach is unique, the five artists share a commitment to represent the color, texture, and beauty in the world around them…whether abstract or real.
Selected ideas from each of the five artists provide insights into their personal journeys –

“…My work has focused on water, veering between abstraction and realism – using luminosity and transparent layers of space. I want to convey that the mind’s eye is not singular, but richly layered. We view things simultaneously in fragmented, nuanced ways…” – Kay Ives

“…Observing the effects of light, color, and atmosphere, I find that the vibrant and fleeting nature of changing conditions in nature inspires me as I paint. I am interested in the tension between what I observe while painting and the paint itself – straddling the line between realism and abstraction. – Jeanine Sobell Pastore

“…The landscape around us displays innumerable examples of design and intention in its structure and appearance. This design, though carefully planned and interconnected in every detail, still embodies an organic spirit that is spontaneous and wild, but never random.” – Timothy Loraditch

“…In observing landscapes, I retain the forms, colors, and textures in my memory. On the canvas they combine in new ways, different from how they appear in nature, but consciously brought together and reconstituted to form a new landscape-dream environment that has its own logic and integrity.” – Sandys Moore

“…The process begins with a place where the feeling, natural beauty, and simplicity are what I admire. I work with paint and paper on board to bring back the essence of the place while retaining parts of my photo and using bits of ribbon and other materials as desirable.” – Patricia Mahon

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