October 27 – November 13, 2015
Reception: Friday, October 30, 7-9pm
A Small Group Show featuring Joseph Fontinha, Martha Wakefield, and Wendy Young

Joseph Fontinha

Martha Wakefield

Version 2

Wendy Young

Detangled  is an amalgam of the “now” fused with dreamlike memories.Feelings, non-literal portraiture, internal landscapes, and a celebration of process are common threads that bind Joseph Fontinha, Martha Wakefield, and Wendy Young. Their images share bold marks creating immediacy while maintaining an overt sense of trace. The final surface is the culmination of the past leading to a visual present.

The three artists follow complementary paths of exploration, each blending the physical, mental and emotional elements uniquely:

  • Joseph Fontinha engenders mystery and resolve in his tempos. Fontinha’s paintings are the culmination of many moments spent searching for truths in his process.
  • Martha Wakefield abstracts color and form to produce evocative narratives. Wakefield’s work conveys immediate power and imbues a familiar sense of place.
  • Wendy Young builds on her memories, dreams, and letters to discover new insights and hope. Young’s paintings coalesce the intuitive and the personal.

They manifest awareness, creating a visual pace. There is a cadence to the process that manifests itself in the covering, stapling, scraping, revealing, and negotiating of marks. The layering of materials invites the viewer to participate in the detangling or unfolding of moments and ideas. The temporality of the work is linear. One can retrace many of the steps taken revealing the continuum from past to the present, creating a safe have to awaken the viewers’ conscience.

The work is permeated with an underlying optimism. By engaging in the search for importance each confirms that it exists. Fontinha, Wakefield, and Young share a commitment to definite truth. This collection of work reveals the ability of painting to elicit store from each artists’ web of recollections.

Detangled Events:

Yoga: Detangle Yourself

Yoga I Wednesday, November 4, 6-7:30pm | Kathryn Schultz Gallery – Register here!

Yoga II Wednesday, November 11, 11am-12:30pm | Kathryn Schultz Gallery –  Register here!