Just Around the (Charles) Riverbend


Just Around the (Charles) Riverbend
Celebrating 40 years of the Riverbend Park Trust and the legacy of Isabella Halsted

Show dates: July 7-August 27, 2015 at University Place Gallery
Reception & Awards: Friday, July 10, 5-8pm, Awards at 5:45pm
End of show pick-up: Friday, August 28, 11am-5pm

History of the Riverbend Park Trust: In 1974, Cambridge resident Isbella Halsted proposed the idea of a traffic-free Sunday park along the Charles River and in 1975 founded the People for Riverbend Park Trust to bring her idea to reality. With the collaboration of the Metropolitan District Commission that at the time had jurisdiction over the land and parkway, and with the cooperation of the City of Cambridge, the Sunday park was established on a 1.5 mile stretch of Memorial Drive, from Western Avenue to the Eliot Bridge. The Sunday park is now run by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). With this exhibition, the Trust and the Cambridge Art Association, celebrate the first forty years of this successful citizen’s effort to reclaim the joys of being near our beloved Charles River. We invite artists to capture the special character of this historic area that thousands from near and far are attracted to for peaceful recreation. Isbella’s own hand-drawn map (shown above) defines the area involved.
Participating Artists
Pesya Altman Charles Mixed Media on Paper $1,000
Jeanette Atkinson Frisbee by Weeks Bridge Oil $300
Cynthia Brody Lost in the River Mixed Media: Acrylic paint and photo images taken at the Riverbed Park including: Bridges (belt), geese (skirt), two boathouses (shoe), multiple rowers (flower stalks and skirt), biker, runner, shadows on grass (all in hair), tree and have course the river (bodice and skirt). $2,800
Judy Clapp The Poem Tree Inkjet Print $150
Judy Clapp Alone Inkjet Print $125
Judy Clapp Sycamores Inkjet Print $200
Nancy Crasco Along the Charles Pencil on Paper $250
Nancy Crasco Charles River Lilies Pencil on Paper $250
Sally De Fazio White and White Transparent and Opaque Watercolor $150
Sally De Fazio Red hat, Red Bridge Watercolor $200
Sally De Fazio Riverbend Iris Watercolor $250
Alexandra Jordankova Moonlight Sail Mixed Media on Canvas $800
Alexandra Jordankova Charles River Bridges Acrylic $380
Alexandra Jordankova Storm in the Harbor Acrylic $350
Judy Kamm Crowds the Bank Digital Photography $100
Judy Kamm Eliot Fish Pastel $125
Judy Kamm Boat Yard Finery Digital Photography $100
Jim Kociuba Weeks Bridge From Allston Acrylic on Canvas $800
Jim Kociuba Weeks Bridge, Calm Water Acrylic on Canvas $800
Jim Kociuba Under the Weeks Bridge Metallic Acrylic and Pumice on Canvas $1,800
Brother Eugene DeLauro Sculling Around the Riverbend Oil $350
Robin Levandov Untitled Oil on Panel $950
Zhonghe (Elena) Li In Bloom Mixed Media $700
Christine Palamidessi Cambridge Street Art #6 Plaster, Alkyd, Gouache, Oil $89
Christine Palamidessi Cambridge Street Art #4 Plaster, Alkyd, Gouache, Oil $89
Christine Palamidessi Cambridge Street Art #2 Plaster, Alkyd, Gouache, Ink $57
Hyeshin Park Boathouse Oil on Canvas $400
Hyeshin Park Sunday at the Charles Riverbend Oil on Canvas $900
Polly Parke Sycamores, Cambridge Oil $550
Judith Prager Charles Riverbend Near Harvard Square Charcoal on Paper $475
Judith Prager Charles River Sycamores Oil on Canvas $325
Judith Prager The Path and the Sycamores Acrylic on Canvas $325
Amelie Rorty Storm Over Riverbend Photography $100
Amelie Rorty The Seasons at Riverbend Photography $90
Amelie Rorty Winter Sunset at Riverbend Photography $125
Gordon Saperia Riverbend Park: Across the River at Dusk Photo, Digital Archival Print $300
On-Kyeong Seong In the Bottom of the Fighting Strings Oil and Stitching $2,200
See Label   Charles River Alphabet Linoleum Prints $700
Anna Starkova Along the Charles Acrylic on Canvas, diptych $900
Prudence Steiner Charles River Looking South Color Photograph $100
Prudence Steiner Charles River Looking South-West Color Photograph $400
Prudence Steiner Charles River Looking East Color Photograph $100
Patty Stone Invasive Species II Monotype on Paper $600
Patty Stone Macro Invertebrates red & Green Pastel and Monotype on Paper $500
Patty Stone River Road Collage, Mixed Media on Canvas $1,500
Barbara Swanson Boat Hulls Oil $295
Barbara Swanson Early Mornings on the Charles Oil $295
Barbara Swanson Harvard Boat House Acrylic $275
Miranda Vitello On the Charles Oil on Canvas $150
Joyce Wang Autumn on Riverbend Park Watercolor $250
Joyce Wang Summer Riverbend Park Watercolor $250

Susan            Vrotsos          Sketchbook on the Charles   Watercolor & Collage                                  $500


Anne              Watt                Upper Charles   Watercolor                                                                              $175


Isabella        Halsted          At the River’s Bend   Drawing                                                                         NFS

Bella              Halsted        Summer Currents   Painting                                                                            NFS