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Presented at the Kathryn Schultz Gallery
April 8 – May 3, 2014

Closing Reception, Saturday May 3rd, 3-5pm at the Kathryn Schultz Gallery

Refused is a non juried show – At last, an opportunity to display the work that didn’t get in!  CAA will feature work that has been refused from a CAA juried show. Mark your calendars for a festive night of art and community!


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Participating Artists
Katharine Boden
Susan Burgess
Catherine Caddigan
 Iris Chandler
Richard Chase
Joanne Chittick
Anita Cohen
Warren Croce
Patty Degrandpre
Tom Diaz
Jonathan Donahuge
Kevin Duffy
Ed Friedman
Erik Gerhing
Wendy Gonick
The Lone Beader
Bob Hesse
Doug Johnson
Debbie Kramer
Bonnie Lerner
Ruth Lieberherr
Madi Lord
Patricia Mahon
MStephen Martin
Yair Melamed
Diane Nelson
Petrea Noyes
Suzie Papin
Mimi Rielly
Edwina Rissland
Dan Rocha
Sarah Roche
Karen Rothman
Lisa Russell
Katalina Savola
Segaloff, Ruth
Alice Shafer
Brenda Steinberg
Tom Stocker
Ernest Stonbraker
Lorraine Sullivan
Susie Vrotsos
Taryn Wells
Timothy Wilson
John Wood
Phil Young