Satellite Gallery Submission

Please note that satellite opportunities are for artists and associate members only. Also please be aware of the artwork restrictions for each satellite gallery location before submitting below.

Church Street: Roughly 18×24″. 7 presentation spots available. Please note that since the wall is brick, hanging devices are not movable.
Darwins, LTD: 5 pieces, max size, 24×30″ 1 piece 24×18″ (not pictured) Please note that since the wall is brick, hanging devices are not movable.

University Place Management office: 6 pieces, 18×24″ Please note that hanging devices are not movable.

New School of Music Concert Room: 6 pieces, 18×24″

Submission Process | Please select which satellite gallery space you are interested in submitting work for. Listed below there are three portals to upload images of your artwork and text box to list a description (if you need to). These images should be examples of the type of work you would like to display. There is a $25 non-refundable submission fee. Once submitted, CAA staff will contact to discuss installation and schedule processes. If you have further questions before submission, please contact Hilary | htnorod(at) or 617-876-0246

FAQ Can I submit to more than one space? Yes. Artists are given two preferred locations and time slots. If you would like more than two, artists must reapply.
Is there a deadline? We are accepting work on a rolling basis.
What if I do not get my preferred time slot? Our staff will do our best when it comes to scheduling, but nothing is guaranteed.