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Nerves and veins, cells and arteries, bacteria and body organs – these bits and pieces of the human body form the inspiration for many of the paintings and drawings that comprise my recent art. These structures were the basis of my daily work in the medical profession for many years, so incorporating them into my art feels like treading familiar territory; like speaking a language I know well. My abstract forms share many qualities with the live organisms and structures they mimic: flowing, expanding, growing, repeating and proliferating. Just as medical science probes and explores the body, I also explore new materials and methods of incorporating them into my drawing and painting.


My work involves manipulating the surface on which I draw and paint: cutting drawings from Tyvek or paper, drawing on the wall or laying my drawings on the floor, heating and molding the Tyvek to create a three-dimensional surface. I don’t want to always be limited by a square canvas or a rectangular piece of white paper. My art is a continuous investigation of new materials and expanded surfaces, and a study of the line between abstract and representational images in and on these elements.

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Susan Emmerson* Mind Field White Ink on Cut Black Paper 51×38″ $1,800.00