Small Group Shows


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General Notes

How often can I be involved a Small Group Show? Once every three years
How do I find other artists to show with? And will the CAA help me find collaborators?

  • We recommend visiting our artist webpage listing, reading our regular Artist of the Week feature on the blog, and attending networking events and receptions we host! Talk to other artists, visit their studios, and begin to shape the vision for your show!
  • And, yes, we are always here to help make those connections!

THE PROPOSAL (Upcoming Proposal Deadlines will be announced in January 2018)
Application link will be available on this webpage.

Who reviews the Small Group Show Proposals?

CAA Directors and staff.

What criteria are used in the review process?

  • The committee will review all submitted materials. Decisions will be based on the quality of the proposal, available exhibition slots and will consider some or all of the following:
  • An aspect of the exhibit is innovative; The exhibit offers a new perspective or new insight on a topic; synthesizes and presents existing knowledge in a provocative way; includes innovative uses of media, materials, design elements; is particularly beautiful, exceptionally capable, profoundly memorable; evokes responses from viewers that are evidence of a transformative experience.

If/When our Proposal is accepted – what are the next steps?
Once your proposal is accepted, we will contact you with potential exhibition dates. Small Group Shows are scheduled up to 2 years in advance.

What is the cost in presenting a Small Group Show?
The simple answer is … it depends. Excluding materials and framing costs, a Small Group Exhibition generally costs each artist in the group $150 or less.

Exhibition Book/Binder
The point person in your group is responsible for collecting all artist statements and pricing info, and creating a 3-ring exhibition binder to be displayed in the gallery for the duration of the exhibit

All work must be dropped off in gallery by 11am on designated day
Installers: CAA Staff and interns


  • CAA undertakes publicity through our Blog, online press and social media outlets, as well as press releases sent to regional news outlets
  • CAA asks group members to augment our outreach by sending press releases, invitation, and show information to personal contacts on an agreed upon timeline

Public Programs
Public programs – an artist talk, a yoga session, an artist demonstration, a wine-tasting, a musical performance – can act to further enhance your proposal and your exhibit

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