2014 Fall Salon


70TH FALL SALON, in Honor of Mary Schein
September 5 – 26, 2014
Each year, Cambridge Art Association awards two $250 awards to artists participating in the Fall Salon. These awards are both made possible and selected by Edgar Schein, in honor of his wife Mary, who was the longtime coordinator of the Fall Salon.

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RECEPTION | Both Gallery Locations
Friday, September 12th, 5:30-7:30pm
Awards will be presented at 7pm at University Place Gallery.

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September 5 – 26, 2014 at the Kathryn Schultz Gallery and University Place Gallery

First Name Last Name Title Media Price Location
Katrina Abbott Solomon Acrylic NFS KS
Deedee Agee Paris Streets: Summer Mixed Media $275 KS
Richard Allen Borrowings #1 Collage $180 KS
Jeanette Atkinson Florence Runs the Table Oil $350 KS
Joe Barnes Natasha Oliver Archival Pigment Print $250 UP
EJ Barnes Festina Lente Watercolor $125 KS
Brenda Bechtel Symphonic Lilies Oil $3,200 UP
Chuck Beisch Brave New Start Acrylic on Paper $250 KS
Marcia Berg Haskell After the Storm Photography $450 UP
Simi Berman Windy Day Oil and Graphite on Paper $575 UP
Karen Berman-Mulligan Flowing Through Acrylic $600 UP
Patricia Berube Untitled Mixed Media $950 UP
Diana Birkelund Logun’s Run Oil $90 KS
Richard Buckley Essence No. 142 Acrylic $2,000 KS
*Susan Burgess Maine Retreat Oil $450 KS
Iris Chandler View of Julia 1 3/9 VE Pronto Plate Litho/Mixed Media NFS KS
Christine Chang Paris Bird Market, Seven Birds Acrylic $250 KS
Jo Anne Chittick Fish Market Truck Oil $2,500 UP
Miae Cho Untitled Watercolor $800 KS
Kathleen Clark Morning Watercolor, colored Pencil NFS KS
Sanya Colson-Inam A Colorful Network Mixed Media $375 UP
Debra Corbett Morning Walk Acrylic/Mixed Media $2,800 UP
David Covert Siberian Iris Silk aquatint print $575 UP
Dennis Dahill Heat Map Acrylic with Watercolor $200 KS
Brother Eugene DeLauro The Sephardess Oil $600 UP
Paula DeSimone Aquamarine Monotype with Collage $800 UP
May DeViney The Savage Beast Mixed Media $1,200 KS
Caroline Di Nunzio Cuckoo Bird Mixed Media $800 UP
Kevin Duffy Endless Saga Granite $2,000 KS
Jacuelyn Etling The Menny Whale of Gloucester Color Photograph $400 UP
Irene Fairley Trees of Eagle Island Monotype $600 KS
David Fallon Fin! Mixed Media $1,200 KS
Susan Filene Fresh Pond in Winter Oil $75 KS
Suzannah Flint No Aquatint Etching $160 KS
Joseph Fontinha She Always Wore Black Tights #3 Oil on linen $800 KS
Tally Forbes Sante Fe Watercolor $900 UP
C.B Forsythe Around and Around Ink, Paint & Found Materials $6,000 KS
Diane Francis Hood Woodblock $450 KS
Ed Friedman The Fashion Statement Digital Photograph $300 UP
Wally Gilbert Jacob’s Ladder Digital Print on Aluminum $750 KS
Celia Gilbert Heavenly Acrobats Acrylic $100 KS
Wendy Gonick Moonscape Collage $125 KS
Wilson Gouvêa Maternity Acrylic on Canvas $500 UP
Lee Griffin Space Station Collage $500 KS
Helen Hankin Untitled Watercolor/Acrylic $250 KS
Fay Lamson Hannon Choices – Fish Oil $375 KS
Kay Hartung Cell Strands Encaustic & mixed media $400 KS
Erika Hartweig Practicing Bach Etching $600 UP
Gilllian Haven Autumn Field Oil $500 KS
Paula Herman Marsh Waterbased Oil $370 KS
Bob Hesse Window/ Mirror Photography $300 KS
Janet Hobbs Tape in Space Watercolor $175 KS
Inge Hoffman Faint Dawn Photography NFS KS
Wilson Hunt Jr Vernal Acrylic Gouache on Yupo $600 KS
Youngsheen Jhe Only Hope Oil $6,000 UP
Judith Kamm Tryingham Summer Oil $300 UP
Michele Kenna Last Light Pastel $800 KS
Joe Kitsch Mandelbrot Set Buddha Acrylic $800 UP
*Jim Kociuba November Stream Metallic Acrylic and Pumice $1,800 UP
Mary Kostman Leaning In Mixed Media Monoprint $600 KS
Paul Kroner Untethered Joy Bronze 4,200 KS
Judy Laliberte Out on a Limb Mixed Media $1,500 UP
Holly Larner Meadow Lark Oil $750 UP
Simon Lejune View Orange Tree Acrylic $300 KS
Robin Levandov Untitled Oil $500 KS
Zhonghe (Elena) Li Eight Diagrams Papercut (Chinese Red Rice Paper) $500 KS
Ruth Lieberherr Three Cats I Acrylic $550 UP
Yuri Lipnesh THA Art Book Oil $5,000 UP
kathy Lobo China Exchange Artist Book $600 KS
Madeleine Lord Brain Cramp Wedded Steel $850 KS
B. Glee Lucas Afternoon Delight Oil on canvas $2,600 KS
Matthias Lupri A Moon Lamp Wishing For Camilia Bea Oil $3,700 UP
John Maciejowski Telum Virate Mixed Media $500 UP
Patricia Mahon Timeless Acrylic and Collage $750 UP
Stephen Martin Almodovar, Tango Dancer Assemblage – Antique Photo & Canvas $345 KS
Mark McKie Bald Daced Hornet Pen and Ink $300 KS
Jeffrey Melzack Inscape Architecture Oil $3,000 UP
Randall Merchant Drummer Cove, Wellfleet Oil $1,200 UP
Gloria King Merritt Last of the Light Pigment on Canvas $3,200 UP
Nancy Mimno Be Glad in This Day Gelli Plate Monotype $400 KS
Nancy Morgan Summer in the Square, Newburyport Frabric, Thread, Tulle $1,700 UP
Sandra Mueller-Dick Still Life with Squash Watercolor with Varnish $350 KS
Diane Nelson Cranberry Bog Acrylic $150 KS
Hilary Tait Norod Electric #24 Mixed Media on Paper $325 KS
Eleni Odoni Provence Oil $500 KS
Judith Papazion Trees Take Flight Oil NFS KS
Suzanne Papin HPH2 Mixed Media $250 KS
Emily Passman Still Life without Blue Board Oil $3,600 UP
Jeanine Pastore Treetops-Water Reflected Acrylic on Canvas $1,800 UP
Zoe Perry-Wood Veronica’s Fence & Roses, from the series “People of Hospital Cove” Archival Pigment Print $800 UP
Walter Phillips Guatemalon Hanging Brushes/Wall Hanging Wood, Rope and Fiber $900 KS
Anthony Pilla Thinking About Lines Graphite, Drypoint $750 KS
Dorothy Amore Pilla Winter Sundae Digital Composite $650 KS
Sandra Pilotto All the Old Familiar Places Acrylic NFS UP
Cheryl Polcaro Fawn Mixed Media $1,600 UP
Jan Powell Knot the Branch Collograph/Monotype/Hand Coloring $300 KS
Judith Prager Jeanette’s Garden Oil $375 KS
Patricia Pratt 2 Crabs/Maine Crabs Watercolor $700 UP
Ted Rabidoux American Dream Oil $500 UP
Astrid Reischwitz The Gift of Regret: Regret #7 Archival Pigment Print, 1/12 $480 KS
Sheila Rice Whale Song 13 Acrylic $600 UP
Judith Robinson-Cox Dawn Dreaming Photo Montage $275 KS
Tom Robinson-Cox Dismal Swamp Photograph $275 UP
Janice Corkin Rudolf Carmen Bronze $19,000 KS
Lisa Gabrielle Russell Excauation #3 Mixed Media $1,200 KS
Anne Russell Strange Science 2 (pinch) Monotype $180 KS
Paul Ryan Ann (No. 2) Acrylic on board NFS UP
Leora Schiff Untitled Photography $250 KS
Conny Goelz Schmitt Sunny Moon Collage Paper $950 KS
Jess Hurley Scott Clarity Acrylic $1,400 KS
Adrienne Sloane Splash Fiber $1,235 UP
Siri Smedvig Seeds of Summer Mixed Media $1,200 KS
Roz Sommer Still Life with Pitcher Oil on board $650 KS
Lucy Sprayregen Fragile Planet Watercolor $950 UP
Bob Stegmaier Swoosh Photography $500 KS
Brenda Steinberg Nevada Ranch Photography $150 KS
Thomas Stocker A Curious George…and Martha Acrylic $2,800 KS
Delaine Strandberg Red Form Pastel on Paper $990 UP
Lorraine Sullivan Varlcose Mixed Media $700 KS
Barbara Swanson Morning on the Charles Acrylic $295 KS
Mara Taylor White Heart Fiber $500 KS
Barbara Trachtenberg The Street Digital Photograph $350 KS
Mimi Truslow Fred’s Barn Watercolor $175 KS
Aria Tudanger Still Life with Rattle Acrylic $1,850 UP
Istvan Ver First Glance at Petra Photography $200 KS
John Vernon Palpable Oil $2,500 UP
June Vernon From the Tundra Collage $500 KS
Sarah Vincent-Hoag Mother Father Gouache NFS KS
Susan Vrotsos All Windos Open Watercolor $400 KS
Lidija Vukovic Peace Acrylic & Oil $550 UP
Sirarpi Heghinian Walzer Pentimento II Mixed Media $2,800 UP
Stephanie Warburg The Tempest Oil $1,200 UP
Karen Watson For Jeannie Mixed Media NFS KS
Taryn Wells What I’ve Seen Graphite $1,000 UP
Susan White Tip Toe Through the Marsh Grass Mixed (Acrylic & Plaster) $2,250 UP
Mary Wilkas Out of the Darkness Comes the Hands that Reach Through Nature Molding Men.” IM Emboss on Cooper Foil NFS UP
Timothy Wilson Nan’s Attic Photography $260 KS
Denis Wogan 1296 One Inch By Inch Paintings… Oil, Watercolor, Gouache, Ink $3,000 UP
Susan Wood Brown Blue Mixed Media $100 KS
John Wood Armory Show Oil/Canvas $1,200 UP
Bess Woodworth Blue Reflection Watercolor $300 UP
Michihiro Yoshida Fall Oil $4,000 UP
Philip Young Venetian Posers Photography $400 UP