Presented at University Place Gallery

July 6 – August 31st, 2017
Opening Reception Thursday, July 6th, 6-8pm.

Before it can ever be a repose for the senses, landscape is a work of the mind. Its scenery is built up as much from strata of memory as from layers of rock.’ ~ Simon Schama

 ‘It is the soul that sees; the outward eyes present the object, but the Mind descries.
We see nothing till we truly understand it.’ ~ John Constable

In this all media exhibit, we invite you to interpret the landscape, both natural and imagined, internal and external.

Youngsheen A. Jhe Artist Member Green and Green Oil on Canvas 22×28″ $1,600
Lee Ball  Associate Artist Cool Change Oil on Panel 18×24″ $475
Gregory Barry Associate Artist Writhing Tendrils wire, plaster and twine 19″x12″x12″ $240.00
Nancy Beams Associate Artist The View Etchinh 16×25″ $350
Anne Beinecke Artist Member Daneny Park Acrylic on Canvas 15×12″ $900
Julia Berkley Associate Artist By Banks Mixed Media 13×18″ $2,400
Karen Berman Mulligan Artist Member Soft Sound Acrylic on Canvas 38×26″ $1,600
Belle Brett Associate Artist Pathway to the Sky Watercolor 16×20″ $225
Cynthia Brody Artist Member She was Always Most Herself at the Sea Mixed Media 24×30″ $1,800
Catherine Caddigan Artist Member Abandoned Photography 17×22″ $300
Helen Canetta Artist Member Low Tide Acrylic Collage Painting 19.5″W x 31.5″H $4,200
Edward Cardini Associate Artist Charles River No. 7 Oil on Canvas 20×16″ $650
Martha Chason-Sokol Associate Artist Martha’s Vineyard Walnut Ink 21.5×30″ $450
Judith Clapp Artist Member Street Scape Inkjet Print 16×20″ $125
Jane Coder Artist Member Poems on the Water acrylic on canvas 48 x 60″ (waiver for size) $2500.
Mary Coelho Artist Member At the Edge of the Lake Watercolor 18×20″ $350
Nancy Crasco Artist Member Seattle Twilight Stitched Monoprint on Cotton 19″ x 15″ $250.00
Veda Daly Artist Member Reflection Sumi-e (ink on Rice paper) 17×141/2 $600.00
Olivia Dantzler Student Member Salem’s Winter Oil on Canvas 40×30″ 1800
Patty deGrandre Artist Member Trippin’ Scraps’ of Monoprints Reconstructed into Collage 18×14″ $400
Anne-Marie Delaunay-Danizio Artist Member Drawn to You #5 Wax Pastels on Paper 29×25″ $700
jason dewaard Associate Artist Amsterdam Spray paint/Acrylic on panel 32″ x 20″ $400
Taylord Dezeme Associate Artist Pulling to shore Oil on canvas 30×40 inches 2000
Jose Estrela Associate Artist GraciosaNo2A Inkjet on Wood 24″ x24″ $250
Irene Fairley Artist Member Vine with Squash Watercolor with Pastel 15×12″ $140
David Fallon Artist Member A Nature of Things Acrylic Paint, Ink, Paper on Canvas 21×21″ $800
Emilia Farrell Associate Artist ASCAPE Oil and Mixed Media 10×10″ $650
Chris Firger Associate Artist From Glacier to River Acrylic on Canvas 12×16″ $450
Remmi Franklin Artist Member Space #9 Cosmic Interlude mixed media 36 x 30 1,700.00
Erik Gehring Artist Member Willow Island Photograph – Archival Pigment Print 20×26 525
Wally Gilbert Artist Member DreamScape Diptych Digital Print on Aluminum 33×24″ $1,400
Nancy Hart Associate Artist Seagrass Photograph of Object 36×36″ $100
Marcia Berg Haskell Artist Member Planet Watch, Earth Wonder Acrylic on canvas 25.5 x 19.5″ $ 400.
Gillian Haven Artist Member Holyoke Range Oil 18×21.5″ $800
Tracy Hayes Artist Member Escape Mixed Acrylic and Charcoal on Canvas 10×10″ $125
Tanya Hayes Lee Associate Artist Wheat Fields in Spring Oil on Canvas 20×20″ $290
Sirarpi Heghinian Walzer Artist Member Dialouge with Nature CI Mixed Media on Acrylic 32×40″ $2,800
Linda Clayton Hicks Artist Member Fire Scape Oil on Canvas 24×30″ $500
Janet Hobbs Artist Member Sunrise at the Lake Watercolor $175
Wilson Hunt Artist Member Strange Landscape of the Mind Acrylic Gouache on Yupo 17×28″ $900
Alexandra Jordankova Artist Member Enchanted Sequia Forest Acrylic on Canvas 38×38″ $980
Judith Kamm Artist Member Mares’ Tails Oil on canvas 20×16″ $250.00
Jim Kociuba Artist Member Fresh Pond, Spring Acrylic on Canvas 30 x 40 $1600.
Steve LeBlanc Associate Artist Building I Toy Camera Photography 12.25×15.25″ $65
Anya Leveille Associate Artist Cherry Trees on the Potomac Oil and Cold Wax 24 x 24 600
Melissa London Artist Member Windowscape Limited Edition Digital Archival Photography 18×18″ $500
Robin MacDonald Foley Artist Member A Light Within Photography 13×11″ $350
John Maciejowski Artist Member Coastal Series #7 Oil 30×40″ $800
Pat Mahon Artist Member Friends by the Sea Acrylic Paint and Photography 24×24″ $650
Maureen McCabe Artist Member Transition Acrylic on Panel $750
Katherine McGough Associate Artist Summer Work Oil on Canvas 20″x16″ $650
Donna McNally Associate Artist Shadow Lands Photography 11.5×13.25″ $650
Louise Morin Dichard Artist Member Dusk Falling, Camp Ellis Maine Oil on Linen 30×30″ $1,480
Judith Motzkin Artist Member Khulfee River Composite (Toscanini Series) Archival Digital Print 32 x 32 1500
Diane Nelson Artist Member To the Sky Acrylic 11×14 225
Hiroko Okahashi Associate Artist Dance of Wave Photography 27×40″ $2,300
Ant Oraloglu Associate Artist Endless Blue Photography 11×14 350
Polly Parke Artist Member The Outer Beach Oil on Canvas 29×23″ $1,000
Judith Parker Artist Member Green Park, London Digital Photograph 16×141/2 $150
DANIELA PASQUALINI Associate Artist New York City Skyline OIl on Canvas 22 x 28 800
Sandra Pilotto Artist Member Shelby County Ink & Charcoal 16×16″ $350.
Paula Pitman Brown Associate Artist Homage to Seraphine Oil 32×42″ $1,500
Judith Prager Artist Member World’s Scape Acrylic on Canvas 30×40″ $950
Anthony Riccardi Associate Artist Landscape #1 Watercolor 14×11″ $300
Sarah Roche Artist Member Hermit Crabbing Photography 17×25″ $250
Joanna Rohrbaugh Associate Artist Provincetown Harbor watercolor 20×15 $600
Joan Savoy Associate Artist Pangea Mixed Media on Canvas 36×32″ $3,300
Connie Sawyer Associate Artist Salton Sea Photograph 18×24″ $400
Randi Shenkman Associate Artist One Photography 16×20″ $240
Jane Sherill Artist Member Bundles Acrylic on Wood Panel 38×18″ $2,000
Susan Siefer Associate Artist Walking in the Woods Oil and Cold Wax on Board 8×8″ $175
Rebecca Skinner Associate Artist Stairway Photograph on Aluminum 24×36″ $750.00
Janet Smith Artist Member Seascape Photography 20×16 $175
Roz Sommer Artist Member Conary Cove Gouache on Paper 10×12″ $400
Brenda Steinberg Artist Member House by the Bay Oil on Wood 11×14″ $325
Tom Stocker Artist Member Figure in a Cornfield Acrylic on Canvas 60×36″ $7,200
Lelia Stokes Weinstein Artist Member In Motion Encaustic and Silver 36.5×10.5″ $1,200
Delaine Strandberg Artist Member Italy in Giro Pink Ink and Colour Pencil on Paper 17×11″ $395
Jen Strasburger Associate Artist Long Path, Short View Oil $150
Lorraine Sullivan Artist Member Remebering Other Places Mixed Media 12×15″ $700
Deidre Tao Artist Member Encircled on the Edge Acrylic on canvas 30×24″ $3,000.
Natalie Titone Student Member Streets of Sicily Silver Gelatin Fiber Paper Print 14×11 $300
James C Varnum Artist Member Late Night Landscape Watercolor and Ink 36 x 30 NFS
Istvan Ver Artist Member Santory Sun Photography 13×18″ $150
Susan Vrotsos Artist Member Sun Breaks Swiftly After the Storm Watercolor 36 x 29″ $1000
Mara Wagner Associate Artist Another Place Acrylic and Hand Painter Paper 18×24″ $800
Joyce Wang Associate Artist Dancing with Star Watercolor 15×12″ $200
Karen Watson Artist Member Good Harbor Archival Digital Photo Montage 19.5×25″ $300
Mary Wilkas Artist Member Gill Over the Ground (A Type of Wildflower) Mixed Media 29×16″ NFS
Timothy Wilson Artist Member Stovescape Photograph 16×31″ $350
Philip Young Artist Member San Donato #3 Acrylic 33.5×38.5″ $900


Pick Up at the End of Scapes at University Place Gallery September 5th | 11am-5pm
Same day as the Fall Salon Drop Off. If you have questions about the rules and regulations, please reach out to our staff at

Wave Imagery Courtesy of Kathryn Geismar