Cambridge College Canvas Pop UP



Pop Up | Cambridge College CANVAS
Submission deadline | May 13, 5pm

Exhibition Dates: May 24 – June 9, 2016 5pm


Congratulations participating artists!

Carolyn Sirois  Toward Bangkok Acrylic/ink on Canvas Diptych Each 12″ x12″
Julie Alailima Illuminated Montreal Oil on Canvas 24″ x 36″
Safa Alazri  Drean of an Expatriate Oil on canvas 36’x28″
Pesya Altman  Madame Recamier and Choir Mixed media on Canvas 24×30
N Lee Ball Oil on canvas 30″ x 30″
Cynthia Brody  Australian Monolith Mixed Media _x_
Fay Lamson Hannon  A Walk in the Woods Oil on canvas 30×40″
Youngsheen A. Jhe Autumn Is Coming Oil on canvas 25.5 x 19.5″
Madeleine Lord  Dreamer Oil on canvas 18″ x 18″
John Maciejowski  Lysistrata Acrylic 52 X 34″
Pat Mahon Seaside Acrylic paint and photo on board 24×24″
Ricardo Maldonado  Red Acrylic on Canvas 30×40″
Elizabeth Menges It’s grandpa after a long day at work Charcoal and turpentine on canvas 36″48″
Lelio Nicolas  Dream Oil on Canvas 36 X 24″
DANIELA PASQUALINI  Anguish MIxed Media 22×28″
Rayjaun Pollard  Good Omens Pastel/Charcoal/Pen 18″ x 24″
Brooke Reinhold Richard Not a Serpent. Not a Saint. 22″x28″
Gilead Tadmor  Portrait Acrylic on Canvas 18″ x 24″
Susan Vrotsos Oil & Encaustic on Canvas this is a dyptich, 24 x 34″   (if only one is accepted, use #1)
JOHN WOOD Devices Oil on canvas 28 x 22″
Michihiro Yoshida  Kogito Ergos Sum B Oil 33×24″
Philip Young  Landscape 3 Mixed-Paper/Acrylic 20×20″