2015 Fall Salon


Presented at both Kathryn Schultz Gallery and University Place Gallery
September 11 – 25, 2015
Reception Friday, September 11, 2015

About Mary Schein
For many years, Mary was a dedicated volunteer at the Cambridge Art Association. Along with Barbara Ross, Mary coordinated the Fall Salon – which kicks off each exhibition year at the Association. When Mary passed away in 2008, after battling breast cancer, her husband Edgar Schein pledged a gift in Mary’s memory – allowing the Association to remember a devoted arts advocate each year. With Edgar’s ongoing generosity, we are able to present two artists with $250 awards each year.

Mary Schein was born on June 22, 1931 in Wadena, Minnesota and lived in many places in her childhood, including Panama and Carmel, California. She graduated from Stanford University in 1953 and worked at the Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C. and at the Advanced Management Program of George Washington University. Mary met her husband Edgar in Washington and was married there in 1956. They moved to Cambridge, MA where they resided until her death. Mary was a lover of music having sung in the Stanford Chorus and attended ten performances of Wagner’s Ring in different parts of the world, including Bayreuth in 2005. She was also an avid birder and traveled to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, the Galapagos, and Antarctica to experience a wide array of bird habitats. Her interests in arts and crafts led her to volunteer at the Society for Arts and Crafts in Boston and at the Cambridge Art Association where she helped to found an annual exhibition of art works by handicapped children called The Art of Love. She was on the Board of Boston Baroque, Hospice of Cambridge and a member of the Mass Audubon Council, the Harvard Travelers Club, the Chilton Club and several mother’s clubs in Cambridge. She was also a member of the founding group of Cambridge at Home. Throughout her life she was an avid tennis player, gardener, gourmet cook who loved to entertain at small dinner parties and a passionate lover of cats.


Artists Presented at the Kathryn Schultz Gallery

Janet Amphlett Palette Pens 11″x14″ Oil on Linen $450.00
Pesya Altman Between Land & Sea / So Many Anchors 12″x24″ Mixed media on canvas $1,100.00
Bob Ballou Rusted Door 16″x20″ Mixed Media $250.00
Jim Banks Two Guys 24″x31″ Mixed Media $650.00
Chuck Beisch In What Remains 18″x24″ Ink Jet Digital Print $250.00
Patricia Berube Indian Style 36″x28″ Monoprint $950.00
Blake Brasher Into the Void 40″x30″ Acrylic on Canvas $1,500.00
Richard Buckley Essence No. 165 15.25″x21″ Acrylic on Canvas $2,500.00
Iris Chandler La Jeunesse Dorée 23×29 Intaglio $400.00
Judith Clapp Red Sees Black 11″x14″ Inkjet Photograph $100.00
Sandra Clyne Calavera 13″x16″ Charcoal Pencil and Sumi Ink on Paper $250.00
Mary Coelho Reflection 16″x20″ Watercolor $300.00
David Covert Champlain I 19″x25″ Acrylic Canvas $900.00
Dennis Dahill Urbis 5.5″x25″ Graphite – Accordian Fold Artist Book $200.00
Patty deGrandpre Million Dollar View 11″x14″ Mixed Media (ink, paper and pencil on clayboard) $400.00
Jacquelyn Etling Here Comes the Sun 10″x14″ Infared Photo $200.00
Irene Fairley Trees of Eagle Is. II 16″x15″ Monotype $300.00
David Fallon Blink 10.5″x10.5″ Acrylic, Paper, Pencil on Canvas $200.00
Susan Filene Weir Meadow Early July 6″x8″ Acrylic on canvas $200.00
Joseph Fontinha Cranberry Surface 22″x28″ Oil on wood panel $750.00
Diane Francis Time 20″x16″ Woodblock Print $400.00
Sue Funk Kaleidoscope of Love 18×21.5 Collage $2,400.00
Celia Gilbert Portrait of a Man 15″x12″ Acrylic on Burlap $600.00
Wally Gilbert Tree- Blue 30″x2-“ Digital Print on Aluminum $750.00
EC Gower 300 Ensos 12″x12″ Ink on Paper $600.00
Kay Hartung Celestial Explosion I 24″x24″ Encaustic, Graphite $1,500.00
Robert Hesse Unquiet City XXa 42×60 cm (A2) Manipulated photo, pigment printed on both sides of thin Inbe washi, mounted as scroll $200.00
Bonnie Lerner The Widow and Her Two Children 12″x12″ Drawing with Collage $250.00
Robin Levandov Untitled 17″x24″ Oil Stick on Canvas $450.00
Zhonghe Li Oneness 14″x14″ Paper Cutting $300.00
Erica Licea-Kane In Between 42 20″x20″ Fabric, Acrylic, Pigment Medium $1,950.00
Kathy Lobo Summer Folly 2″x5.5″x.5″ Book Art $20.00
Maria Lobo Summer Sunshine 5.5″x5.5″ Embrodiery $250.00
Stephan Martin Company Man 14″x14″ Mixed media/assemlage     old metal printing sheets, antique photos $800.00
Sydell Masterman A Moment | The Rose 22″X22″ Acrylic $3,200.00
Diane Nelson Full Bloom 8″x10″ Acrylic $150.00
Lelio Nicolas Bouquet of Flowers 16″x12″ Acrylic on canvas $350.00
Christine Palamidessi Look Inside a Turkish Cannonball from 1480 Invasion of Italy 19″x12″ Mixed Medium: Lecce Paper, Gesso,Gouache, Pencil $1,453.00
Suzanne Papin SS 12″X12″ Mixed Media $150.00
Polly Parke Dune Shack in the Province Lands 14.5″x14.5″ Oil on Board $475.00
Zoe Perry-Wood Greenbean & Cuke, My Garden My Garden Series 9″x12″ Archival $275.00
ChiaLing Pitluga Ibukunoluwa Ayoola & Potters Water Action Group 23″x54″ Ink,imprints of 35mm slides, acrylic, masonry primer, burlap $1,000.00
Judith Prager Monadnock Range and Dublin Lake 18″x36″ Acrylic $850.00
Pat Pratt Peter’s Mackerel 24″x30″ Watercolor $800.00
Moria Racich
Award Winner
Sunset in the Hills 24″x30″ Acrylic on stretched canvas $2,400.00
Astrid Reischwitz Love is the Answer, New York 16″x24″ Laser Print Mounted on Sintra $600.00
Sheila Rice Distant Songs 4 16″x20″ Acrylic $950.00
Lisa Russell Intonation #221 11″x14″ Oil $3,600.00
Anne Russell Beach Fragments 12″x12″ Monotype $150.00
Cindy Ryan Fish PMD Triptych 10″x30″ Oil $450.00
Ellen Ryder Griffin Redwing Blackbird, Plum Island 16″x20″ Digital archival print $115.00
Pip Shepley Hadrian’s Wall Ghosts 12.25″x18.75″ Archival digital photography, printed in Piezography $350.00
Carolyn Sirois Word Bundles #3 6″x15″ Paper, Tea Bags, String, Thread, Acrylic $300.00
Siri Smedvig Afternoon 17″x14″ Mixed Media $790.00
Lorraine Sullivan Chuck – The New Kid 42″x15″x8″ Mixed Media, Found Objects $2,000.00
Roz Sommer Abstract with Objects 24″x24″ Oil on Board $1,800.00
Bob Stegmaier Body Painter 16″x20″ Silver halide print $500.00
Tom Stocker Iridescent Flag 30″x40″ Acrylic on Canvas $1,500.00
Barbara Swanson Autumn Light 18″x24″ Oil $375.00
Gilead Tadmor A Woman with a Bird and Grasshopper 19″x27″ Paper Relief and Acrylic Paint $1,000.00
Barbara Trachtenberg Carrying On 30.5″x24.5″ Mixed Media Painting $800.00
Mimi Truslow Mid Tide, Waldaboro 11.5″x12.75″ Watercolor $175.00
Ann Turley Uncle Tim’s Bridge, Wellfleet II 9″x12″ Oil on canvas $450.00
Sarah Vincent-Hoag Three Friends 18″x22″ Gouache on Paper $240.00
Susan Vrotsos Where the Wind Blows 36″x24″ Oil on canvas $900.00
Lidija Vukovic The Growth 16″x40″ Acrylic and Oil $650.00
Lauren Wadsworth Split 16″x24″ Metal Print $185.00
Karen Watson Portrait of Rosie 25.5″x19.5″ Silver Gelatin Photograph $500.00
Timothy Wilson Bathers, Puerto Rico 25″x18″ Photography $350.00
Phil Young Purple Haze 16″x20″ Acrylic $700.00

Artists Presented at University Place Gallery

Julie Alailima The Big Catharsis 64″x36″ Acrylic on Canvas $3,600.00
N. Lee Ball Purvis & Carlotta: Love & Marriage 22″x28″ Oil on Canvas $925.00
Brenda Bechtel
Award Winner
Tea with H.F. at Three-Winterthur 24″x18″ Oil on linen $6,200.00
Karen Berman Mulligan Full Sail 30″x30″ Acrylic $1,100.00
Cynthia Brody Aphrodite at Play 53″x28″ Mixed media on wood panel $4,000.00
Linda Clayton Hicks Carpe Beadem 20″x26″ Oil on canvas $1,000.00
Jane Coder Anniversary Robe 48″x48″ Acrylic on Canvas $6,500.00
Sandrine Colson-Inam Ink Play 4 30″x24″ Mixed Media (Ink, Charcoal, Paper) $1,050.00
Judith Cooper Creating Myth 31″x38″ Graphite + Gouache $1,800.00
Brother Eugene DeLauro Charles River Acrylic NFS
Suzannah Flint Leo 24″x18″ Intaglio $200.00
Nancy Fulton Quiet Light 24″x31″ Photography $600.00
Shirley Goldstein Last Sailboat in Race/ Si Croix 21″x30″ Watercolor $1,800.00
Dilla Gooch Tingley Flash Mob 36″x33″ Fabric $300.00
Roberto Grande La Boqueria, Barcelona 30″x40″ Oil on canvas $7,600.00
Lee Griffin Energy 22″x28″ Watercolor Collage $500.00
Erika Hartwieg Practice 33″x25″ Etching/collage $500.00
Gillian Haven Autumn Pond 24″x30″ Oil on linen $800.00
Sirarpi Heghinian-Walzer Dialogue with Nature 28″x36″ Mixed media collage on canvas $1,400.00
Janet Hobbs Breakthrough 20″x16″ Watercolor $275.00
Donna Howard Diversity 12″x36″ Acrylic on Canvas $450.00
Wilson Hunt Red Tornado 25″x30″ Acrylic gouche on Yupo $600.00
Debra Jayne Liverpool Street Station 36″x46″ Acylic on canvas $7,000.00
Kathy Jenkins Palm Sunday 32.5″x24″ Print NFS
Youngsheen A. Jhe Waiting With You 36.25″x28.25″ Oil $7,400.00
Alexandra Jordankova We Meet Again 40″x30″ Acrylic on canvas $1,200.00
Michele Kenna Along the Way 24″x30″ Pastel on paper $800.00
Lynne D. Klemmer Swedish Summer 38″x30″ Oil on Paper $1,750.00
Jim Kociuba Backlit Birches 26″x36″ Acrylic on Canvas $1,800.00
Fay Lamson Hannon Setting Out 24″x36″ Oil on canvas $895.00
Ruth Lieberherr Art of Love II 24″x36″ Acrylic $850.00
Tim Loraditch Tower Hill Two 11″x14″ Acrylic on canvas $300.00
John Maciejowski Your Tax Dollars at Work in Syria 24″x30″ Acrylic $1,500.00
Patricia Mahon Sunflower Field 24″x24″ Acrylic Paint and Photo on Board $750.00
Jeffrey Melzack Serenade Homage to Bernstein and Balanchine 30″x30″ Oil on Canvas $3,500.00
Yoshida Michihiro Snowstorm in Bandolia Valley 40″x28″ Oil $6,000.00
Nancy Morgan I Have A Dream 35″x29″ Cotton fabric, tulle, thread $2,500.00
Sandra Mueller-Dick Ferbrile, Onset 30.5″x24″ Acrylic $2,600.00
Judith Papazian Just Flowers Series “For P.B” 12″x16″ Oil on Linen NFS
Sarah Roche Pensive 19″x25″ Digital Photograph $300.00
Brenda Steinberg The Rusty Horse 36″x36″ Oil $1,000.00
Delaine Strandberg Charles River II 9″x11″ Watercolor $395.00
Aria Tudanger Untitled (Part I of Installation) 24″x24″ Acrylic, beading, brass, wire, fabric and gold Chain $400.00
James Varnum The Earthly Coil 50″x32″ Watercolor on Yupo $850.00
John Vernon Peas on a Plate 36″x36″ Oil on canvas $1,400.00
Stephanie Warburg Misty Morning 32″x40″ Oil $1,700.00
Mary Wilkas “A Still Salt Pool” Etc 25″x19″ Seriograph NFS
John Wood Boston Lite 29″x39″ Oil on Canvas $1,500.00
Elizabeth Zeldin Everything of Nothing 24″x32″ Charcoal on Rives $750.00


Exhibition Logistics
Please be aware of the dates listed below, CAA cannot store artwork that is not picked up on time due to overlapping exhibitions/installations. If you cannot pick up your artwork please make appropriate arrangements to have your work picked up on time (friends, family or co-workers can pick up your artwork for you). If work is not picked up on time, artists will be invoiced $15 per a day in late fees and not allowed to enter another CAA exhibition without paying their invoices. At the end of the exhibition CAA staff is not responsible for any pick-up transportation, damage or theft once exhibition concludes.

End of Show Pick Up Kathryn Schultz Gallery (Same day as MPS drop off): Sat. Sept 26th & Tues. Sept 29th, 11-5pm
End of Show Pick Up University Place Gallery: Sat. Sept 26th, 9-1pm & Tues Sept 29th, 11-5pm
(Artwork should be picked up in the location it has been presented in)