Mary Schein Fall Salon, 2017


Mary Schein Fall Salon September 8 – 27, 2017
At University Place Gallery & Kathryn Schultz Gallery

About | Mary Schein was born on June 22, 1931 in Wadena, Minnesota and lived in many places in her childhood, including Panama and Carmel, California. She graduated from Stanford University in 1953 and worked at the Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C. and at the Advanced Management Program of George Washington University. Mary met her husband Edgar in Washington and was married there in 1956. They moved to Cambridge, MA where they resided until her death. Mary was a lover of music having sung in the Stanford Chorus and attended ten performances of Wagner’s Ring in different parts of the world, including Bayreuth in 2005. She was also an avid birder and traveled to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, the Galapagos, and Antarctica to experience a wide array of bird habitats. Her interests in arts and crafts led her to volunteer at the Society for Arts and Crafts in Boston and at the Cambridge Art Association where she helped to found an annual exhibition of art works by handicapped children called The Art of Love. She was on the Board of Boston Baroque, Hospice of Cambridge and a member of the Mass Audubon Council, the Harvard Travelers Club, the Chilton Club and several mother’s clubs in Cambridge. She was also a member of the founding group of Cambridge at Home. Throughout her life she was an avid tennis player, gardener, gourmet cook who loved to entertain at small dinner parties and a passionate lover of cats.

End of Exhibition Pick Up: Thursday September 28th 11am-5pm + Friday, September 29th, 11am-5pm

KS Gallery = Kathryn Schultz Gallery, 25 Lowell Street, Cambridge MA 02138
UP Gallery = University Place Gallery, 124 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge MA 02138

Linda Clayton Hicks Artist Member A Page From the Fire Coloring Book Oil on Board 14×11″ $350 KS Gallery
Susan Alport Artist Member “The Other Cambridge (UK)” 35 mm film print 7×7.5″ $480 KS Gallery
Madeleine Altmann Associate Member Evening Smoke Video 31×21.5″ $1,200 KS Gallery
Janet Amphlett Artist Member Provincetown Plein Air Oil on Canvas 20×20″ $700 KS Gallery
Stephanie Angelo Artist Member Maat Acrylic on Canvas 36×24″ $2,200 UP Gallery
Clare Asch Artist Member Round Dance #11 watercolor on paper 24×24″ $1,200 UP Gallery
Peter Athens Associate Member Untitled Acrylic on Board 25×35″ $700 UP Gallery
Jeanette Atkinson Artist Member A Palette Knige Is Best Oil 18×21″ $300 KS Gallery
EJ Barnes Artist Member Putin’s Laundry Ink with ink wash, and gouache on Bristol board 12.5×13.5″ $175 KS Gallery
Deirdre Barrett Artist Member It was All a Dream Digitally Manipulated Photography on Aluminum 30×10″ $550 KS Gallery
Barbara Barss Artist Member déjà vu Collage 13×11″ $350 UP Gallery
Nancy Beams Artist Member Family (Mom, Dad, Head in the Sand, The Twins, Princess, Leaving the Nest, Coming Out, Baby) Etching 15×13″ $350 KS Gallery
Brenda Bechtel Artist Member Masonic Temple ~ Philadelphia Oil on Linen 8×10″ $7,499 KS Gallery
Anne Beinecke Artist Member Cricket Acrylic on Paper 12×9″ $575 KS Gallery
Marcia Berg Haskell Artist Member Symbols Acrylic $450 UP Gallery
Lale Berke-Jenkins Associate Artist Bark Patterns Digital Photography 18×24″ $300 KS Gallery
Julia Berkley Associate Member A Spirited Place Acrylic on Canvas Panel 24×18″ $950 KS Gallery
Karen Berman Mulligan Artist Member Arrival of Autumn Acrylic 18×24″ $1,200 UP Gallery
Diana Birkelund Artist Member On a The Oil 16×20″ $250 UP Gallery
June Blanco Associate Member Spring Oil on Canvas 36×36″ $5,500 UP Gallery
Dale Blank Artist Member Nothing Gold Can Stay Photograph- Archival Inkjet Print 21×16″ $475 KS Gallery
Belle Brett Associate Artist Fallflower Watercolor Painting 16×13″ $195 KS Gallery
Cynthia Brody Artist Member The Lady Who Lived by the Sea Mixed-Acrylic and collage 20×24″ $1,400 UP Gallery
Dick Buckley Artist Member I Love Science! Acrylic on gallery-wrap canvas 24×30″ $2,500 UP Gallery
Susan Burgess Artist Member At Litlte Harbor Oil on Canvas 10×8″ $350 KS Gallery
Helen Canetta Associate Artist Hustle and Bustle Acrylic Collage Painting 36×24″ $2,800 UP Gallery
Edward Cardini Associate Artist Park Bench Oil on Canvas 22×18″ $450 UP Gallery
Martha Chason-Sokol Associate Artist Witness Oil stick, charcoal and graphite 12×26″ $700 UP Gallery
Miae Cho Artist Member Awakening Watercolor 17×22″ $750 UP Gallery
Mizanul Chowdhury Associate Member Life in Space Oil and Acrylic 36×36″ $200 KS Gallery
Jane Coder Artist Member Nasturtiums Acrylic on Canvas 36×36″ $500 UP Gallery
Peter Cohen Artist Member Rage No. 2 Welded Steel, Paint and Found Object 12x6x20.5″ $1,800 KS Gallery
Richard Cohen Associate Artist Bilge Drain 3 Archival Pigment Print 15×21″ $400 KS Gallery
Sandrine Colson Artist Member Blue Love in Paris Mixed Media: acrylic, markers, collages, image transfers 36×36″ $2,750 UP Gallery
Nancy Crasco Artist Member Stones and Seagrass Gealtin Print 16×20″ $350 KS Gallery
Veda Daly Artist Member Bamboo Sumi Ink 19×16″ $650 KS Gallery
Patty deGrandpre Artist Member Slash then Wire unique print: ink on drafting film with digital addition 12×12″ $225 KS Gallery
Paula DeSimone Artist Member Seadrift IV, Black and White Monotype 32×25″ $800 UP Gallery
May Deviney Artist Member Noir Madonna Acrylic on Cnavas, Antique Radio Front 23x18x2″ $1,600 KS Gallery
Taylord Dezeme Associate Member Street Performers Oil on Canvas 24×30″ $600 UP Gallery
Estelle Disch Artist Member Tree Impression Yellow Archival Pigment Print 25×19″ $250 UP Gallery
Cassie Doyon Associate Member Kimono Flow Mosaic 12×12″ $350 KS Gallery
Susan Emmerson Artist Member No Other Here acrylic and ink on cut and molded Tyvek 21x15x13″ $1,800 KS Gallery
David Fallon Artist Member The Order of Things Acrylic Paint, Rice Paper and Ink on Canvas 21×21″ $800 KS Gallery
Suzannah Flint Artist Member Libra Intaglio 13×16″ $100 KS Gallery
Haleh Fotowat Associate Member Imaginary creature Watercolor and pen on paper 17×13″ $600 KS Gallery
Diane Francis Artist Member Cheryl Monoprint 13×16″ $350 KS Gallery
Remmi Franklin Artist Member Gold Leaf Leash Picnic Mixed Media 12×12″ $400 KS Gallery
Lisa Gabrielle Russell Artist Member Emergence #501 Oil 11×13″ $3,500 KS Gallery
Erik Gehring Artist Member Meadow in the Mist Photograph – Archival Pigment Print 30×24″ $700 UP Gallery
Kathryn Geismar Artist Member Ranunculus in Brown Jar oil on cradled board 8×8″ $600 KS Gallery
Wilda Gerideau Squires Artist Member Aquatic Life #2 Archival Pigment Print from Color Negative 28×22″ $850 UP Gallery
Wally Gilbert Artist Member Red Sky #2 Print on Aluminum 30×20″ $1,200 KS Gallery
Jacob Ginga Associate Member Untitled Mixed Media 10×10″ $200 KS Gallery
Wilson Gouvea Artist Member Trojan’s Gift Acrylic on Canvas 30×30″ $500 UP Gallery
Kathe Gregory Associate Artist Power-Ful Colored pencil enhanced enlarged photograph of relief made from found metal street treasures 24×16.5″ $900 KS Gallery
Kay Hartung Artist Member Bio Patterns 2 encaustic, pastel on wood panel 20×20″ $1,500 KS Gallery
Gillian Haven Artist Member Marsh and Mountain Oil on Linen 24×20″ $800 UP Gallery
Tracy Hayes Artist Member Internal Array 7 Mixed Media 12×12″ $150 KS Gallery
Tanya Hayes Lee Associate Member Spring Awakening, Cape Ann Oil on Canvas 8×10″ $165 UP Gallery
Sirarpi Heghinin-Walzer Artist Member Dialogue With Nature II Mixed Media, Oil and Acrylic 12×16″ $480 KS Gallery
Bob Hesse Artist Member House on Horn Hill Infrared Photo Pigment on Vellum with Gold Leaf 8×10″ $150 KS Gallery
Janet Hobbs Artist Member River Reverie Watercolor 14×18″ $125 KS Gallery
David Hochbaum Artist Member Violence of Dreams Silver Gelatin, Print, Carbon Transfer and Wax 32.5×29.5″ $5,600 UP Gallery
Amanda Hockensmith Associate Artist Framboise Oil on Canvas 12×18″ $250 KS Gallery
Nicolas Hyacinthe Associate Artist Summer Hours Photography 26.5×22.5″ $300 UP Gallery
Youngsheen A. Jhe Artist Member Guardians For You Oil on Canvas 18×24″ $2,400 UP Gallery
Alexandra Jordankova Artist Member The First Sin Acrylic on Canvas 36c36″ $1,200 UP Gallery
Andrea Kadomiya Associate Artist Viv Oil on Wood 9×12″ $400 KS Gallery
Boriana Kantcheva Associate Member Company Gouache on Paper 14×14″ $950 KS Gallery
Tira Khan Associate Member Mid 19th Century Domestic Bowling Alley Photography 13×19″ $350 KS Gallery
Marja Lorencak Kiker Associate Artist The Last Shirt Watercolor 16×16″ $1,600 KS Gallery
Jim Kociuba Artist Member Lake Acrylic on Canvas 24×24″ $700 UP Gallery
Denise Konicek Associate Artist Lichtman’s Tricked-Out Proteins Art Quilt 21×24″ $1,200 KS Gallery
Susan Kottler Artist Member Fellowship Archival Inkjet Print 24×18″ $350 KS Gallery
Fay Lamson Hannon Artist Member The Brick House Oil on Canvas 16×20″ $620 KS Gallery
Holly Larner Artist Member In Summer Oil on Canvas 20×20″ $500 KS Gallery
Oana Lauric Associate Artist Ready to go Acrylic on stretched canvas, framed 24×24″ $2,950 KS Gallery
Steve LeBlanc Associate Artist Afternoon Walk Toy Camera Photography 10×8″ $100 KS Gallery
Paul Levensen Artist Member Blood Count: # 12 – Jazz Series. Acrylic, wood, glass 13″ x 16.75″ x 2″ $500 KS Gallery
Ruth Liebeherr Artist Member Doesn’t Love A Wall (From Robert Frost, Mending Walls) Acrylic 24×30″ $750 UP Gallery
Melissa London Artist Member Afternoon at Soda Lake Photo on Canvas 18×12″ $175 KS Gallery
Madeleine Lord Artist Member Diana Welded Steel 32x24x16″ $1,200 KS Gallery
David Magdalenski Associate Artist Chutes And Ladders Acrylic On MDF Board 19.5×25.5″ $550 UP Gallery
Pat Mahon Artist Member Touch the Sky Acrylic paint and photo image on board 24×24″ $1,000 UP Gallery
Ricardo Maldonado Artist Member By the River Acrylic on Canvas 30×24″ $750 UP Gallery
Stephen Martin Artist Member Always Stay Focused Assemblage 12×12″ $475 KS Gallery
Katherine McGough Associate Member Harmony Oil on Canvas 20×26″ $1,500 UP Gallery
Donna McNally Associate Member Tempest Acrylic on Canvas 24×36″ $800 UP Gallery
Gloria Meritt Artist Member Bougainvillea Original signed digital painting on canvas 30×28″ $5,200 UP Gallery
Bonnie Mineo Artist Member Field Flower Mixed Media: Collage, relief prints, acrylic paint 28×16″ $850 KS Gallery
Louise Morin Dichard Artist Member In Memory Of Oil on Linen 16.5×20.5″ $300 KS Gallery
Jeannie Motherwell Artist Member in the Wake Acrylic on Claybord 14×11″ $500 KS Gallery
Judith Motzkin Associate Artist Deep Knowledge Clay Wood, Oils 34x8x4″ $2,000 KS Gallery
Sandra Mueller-Dick Artist Member Vision in Blue II Mixed Media/Acrylic 7×11″ $750 KS Gallery
Diane Nelson Artist Member Sentinel Acrylic on Panel 8×10″ $200 KS Gallery
William Nourse Artist Member On the Wing Photography 24×18″ $300 KS Gallery
Chaya O’Grady Associate Artist Window Seat with Pillows Mixed Media 20×24″ $475 UP Gallery
Hiroko Okahashi Associate Member Akai Kimono (Red Kimono) Photo and Paint on Paper 24×36″ $3,000 UP Gallery
Ted Ollier Associate Member Nine Square Inches Shaped Plate Relief 8×22″ $600 KS Gallery
Suzanne Papin Artist Member Mink Ice Photography 17×11″ $275 KS Gallery
Polly Parke Artist Member Cape Cod Kitchenette Oil on Canvas 23.5×29.5″ $1,000 KS Gallery
Daniela Pasqualini Artist Member Equilibrium Mixed Media 24×36″ $1,000 UP Gallery
David Piemonte Associate Member Tree of Life Archival Ink Jet Print 18×24″ $350 KS Gallery
Paula Pitman Brown Artist Member Hell Ride, Subway Series Acrylic on Board 11×14″ $350 KS Gallery
Judith Prager Artist Member Goin’ To Town Acrylic on Canvas 28×22″ $795 UP Gallery
Zev Rejman Associate Artist Samurai Horse Etched Metal on Wood 18×27″ $1,350 KS Gallery
Norah Remmers Artist Member Mirage Woodblock Print 36×12″ $600 KS Gallery
Anthony Riccardi Associate Artist Night Scene Watercolor 10×14″ $400 KS Gallery
Sarah Roche Artist Member End Of Summer Digital Photograph 18×24″ $250 UP Gallery
Evan Rosenberg Associate Member Suspended Acrylic on Canvas 22×28″ $300 UP Gallery
Claudia Ruiz-Gustafson Artist Member The Space Between Photography 16×16″ $300 KS Gallery
Angi Shearstone Associate Artist A Seat at the Table Oil on Canvas 36×24″ $3,200 KS Gallery
Randi Shenkman Associate Artist North Shore Photo on Canvas 16×20″ $225 KS Gallery
Pip Shepley Artist Member Ablaze Archival Infrared Photograph 18×24″ $350 KS Gallery
Jane Sherrill Artist Member Up The Hill, Vinalhaven acrylic on wood panel 24×24″ $1,800 UP Gallery
Adrienne Shishko Associate Member Pushing the Pink Mixed Media on Canvas 30×30″ $1,500 UP Gallery
Susan Siefer Associate Artist Catching Moonlight in Marrakesh acrylic, plaster, thread on canvas 24×30″ $850 KS Gallery
Carolyn Sirois Artist Member word bundle #3 (playing herself) NewspaperBundles, String, Ink, Wax, Velllum, Graphite 16×16″ $350 KS Gallery
Rebecca Skinner Associate Member Stairway Photograph 30×20″ $750 KS Gallery
Adrienne Sloane Artist Member Splash Fiber 12×12″ $535 KS Gallery
Janet Smith Artist Member Three Orange Birds Photography 12×12″ $150 KS Gallery
Lorne Smith Associate Artist Garabatos Pastel 18×24″ $500 UP Gallery
Roz Sommer Artist Member In the Garden Oil on Board 18×18″ $950 KS Gallery
Lucy Sprayregen Artist Member Agapanthus at twilight Oil on canvas 16×20″ $650 KS Gallery
Brenda Steinberg Artist Member Truro at Dusk Acrylic on Paper 10×8″ $250 KS Gallery
Tom Stocker Artist Member PM’s Finished Unfinished Painting Acrylic on Canvas 22×22″ $480 KS Gallery
Delaine Strandberg Artist Member Pool Water Line, 2017 Ink on Paper 15×12″ $300 UP Gallery
Suzanne Stumpf Artist Member Diatoms II Sculpture (porcelain) 12.75×3.5″ $950 KS Gallery
Lorraine Sullivan Artist Member KS Gallery
Caron Tabb Associate Member Redefining Possible Acrylic and House Paint on Sculpted Canvas and Rused Found Objects 20×30″ $1,200 KS Gallery
Hilary Tait Norod Student Member This Is Us Oil and Mixed Media on Paper 39×27″ $1,250 UP Gallery
Deidre Tao Associate Member Winter Dunes Acrylic on canvas 24×26″ $3,000 UP Gallery
Nataline Titone Student Member Beginnings Salt Print 14×14″ $300 UP Gallery
Stephanie Todhunter Artist Member lisa&lisa (constant companion) print transfer, spraypaint, metal leaf, oil pastel 36×48″ $3,400 UP Gallery
Mimi Truslow Artist Member Wally’s Garage Watercolor 13.25×10.75″ $125 KS Gallery
James Varnum Artist Member Storm Watercolor and Ink 36×27″ $850 UP Gallery
Istvan Ver Artist Member Market Vendor Philosopher Digital Photography 19×14″ $650 UP Gallery
Mark Von Stein Associate Member My Sydney Acrylic on Linen 30×30″ $2,200 UP Gallery
Susan Vrotsos Artist Member Impenetrable Oil on Canvas 24×30″ $800 UP Gallery
Lidija Vukovic Artist Member The Passenger Acrylic & Oil on Canvas 12×16″ $250 UP Gallery
Mara Wagner Associate Artist Madonna Mia Acrylic and Collage 12.5×10.5″ $250 KS Gallery
Joyce Wang Associate Member Love around the globe Mixed Media 20×16″ $250 UP Gallery
Stephanie Warburg Artist Member Winter Firs Oil on Canvas 18×24″ $950 UP Gallery
Karen Watson Artist Member Tide Line Archival Digital Photo 18.5×22″ $300 UP Gallery
Paul Weiner Artist Member Yellow Man Digital Photo Print 16×16″ $900 KS Gallery
Lelia Weinstein Artist Member From a Distance Encaustic on Panel 24×24″ $1,200 UP Gallery
Paul Wiliam Artist Member Oil on Panel 16×20″ $950 KS Gallery
Mary Wilkas Artist Member Groundsel Tree Drawing 24×16″ NFS KS Gallery
Timothy Wilson Artist Member Kevin’s Stone Photograph 16×20″ $250 KS Gallery
Susan Wood Artist Member Divided I Print 20×26″ $500 UP Gallery
Michihiro Yoshida Artist Member Love Triangle Oil 34×28″ $500 UP Gallery
Phil Young Artist Member UP Gallery