Interactive Narrative


Interactive Narrative | October 4 – November 4, 2017
Opening Reception October 5, 6-8pm
Artist Talk October 17, 6-8pm

Small Group Show Featuring the work of Kelly Knight, Anne Plaisance & Lorraine Sullivan

Artist Talk October 17, 6-8pm
Social Change Workshop October 26, 6-9pm  Cancelled

Group Statement | There is an energy and aesthetic we have in common in our works. We tell different stories, each of us has a different point of view, but our works are like pieces of a bigger puzzle. There is a flow hard to translate into words. Anne Plaisance says, “I feel that there is something deeper. It’s not an ‘accident’ we met and are putting something together. My feeling is that it’s beyond us, beyond time, beyond space, beyond culture, traditions, and minds. But It’s deeply in our hearts. Like “le fil rouge”, something that ties everything together (a sort of “red thread”-sorry, hard to find the exact translation).” We share this love of a good story and use narrative to inform our work. We share an inclination to use materials thoughtfully and with intention, to help convey those stories. We share an interest in common themes – human interaction, human nature, family stories; the vulnerability and strength of women in our own and in other cultures.