Mary Schein Fall Salon | 2016


Presented at both Kathryn Schultz Gallery and University Place Gallery
September 9 – 28, 2016
Reception Friday, September  9, 2016
5:30-7:30pm | Awards Presented at 6pm at University Place Gallery

Mary Schein was born on June 22, 1931 in Wadena, Minnesota and lived in many places in her childhood, including Panama and Carmel, California. She graduated from Stanford University in 1953 and worked at the Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C. and at the Advanced Management Program of George Washington University. Mary met her husband Edgar in Washington and was married there in 1956. They moved to Cambridge, MA where they resided until her death. Mary was a lover of music having sung in the Stanford Chorus and attended ten performances of Wagner’s Ring in different parts of the world, including Bayreuth in 2005. She was also an avid birder and traveled to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, the Galapagos, and Antarctica to experience a wide array of bird habitats. Her interests in arts and crafts led her to volunteer at the Society for Arts and Crafts in Boston and at the Cambridge Art Association where she helped to found an annual exhibition of art works by handicapped children called The Art of Love. She was on the Board of Boston Baroque, Hospice of Cambridge and a member of the Mass Audubon Council, the Harvard Travelers Club, the Chilton Club and several mother’s clubs in Cambridge. She was also a member of the founding group of Cambridge at Home. Throughout her life she was an avid tennis player, gardener, gourmet cook who loved to entertain at small dinner parties and a passionate lover of cats.

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Susan Alport Liz 35 mm Film Print 8×10″ $320 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Pesya Altman The Sailor’s Wife Mixed media on Canvas 30×40″ $1,700 University Place Gallery
Peter Athens Untitled Acrylic and Tempera Paint on Paper 20×26″ $700 University Place Gallery
N. Lee Ball Anyways Oil on Canvas 36×36″ $1,200 University Place Gallery
Jim Banks Negotiation Charcoal, Acrylic, and Pastel on Paper 24×31″ $1,000 University Place Gallery
Deirdre Barrett Bio Fractal Photographic and computer graphics 12x 12″ $450 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Brenda L Bechtel Reflecting Pool with Ruins ~ Chanticleer Oil on Linen 23×13″ $1,764 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Lale Berke-Jenkins Changing Patterns-from the Bark series Digital Photography 18×24″ $300 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Karen Berman-Mulligan Evening Beach Acrylic on Canvas 24×20″ $1,000 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Blake Brasher In the Mouth of the Wolf Ink and Acrylic on Textured Polypropylene 56×56″ $6050 University Place Gallery
Emily Brodrick Spill/Slurp Crocheted Acrylic and Wool 3.5’x9″ $650 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Cynthia Brody The More Things Change Mixed Media 40×34″ $2,900 University Place Gallery
Richard Buckley MR Acrylic on Canvas 40″x30″ $2000 University Place Gallery
Iris Chandler Speak, Memory Litho with collage 17×15″ $750 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Judith Clapp Street Artist Photo Ink jet print 16×20″ $250 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Linda Clayton Hicks Pen and the Dragon Oil and collage on Canvas 24 3/4×19″ $275 University Place Gallery
Jane Coder Saying Good Bye to the Person I Used to Be Acrylic on Canvas 36 x 36″ $2,500 University Place Gallery
Peter Cohen Drift 2 Welded Steel 28x 26 x 23″ $450 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Sandrine Colson Metamorphosis Acrylic 36×36″ $1,550 University Place Gallery
Judith Cooper Preparing For Voyage Pastel and Graphite 39×33″ $1,800 University Place Gallery
Maria Coppola Mack Oil 26×26″ NFS University Place Gallery
David Covert PT Reyes 4 Acrylic on Canvas 25×33″ $1,200 University Place Gallery
Harper J Dangler Big Sun Setting Over Denmark Watercolor 22.5×30″ $1,000 University Place Gallery
Danza Davis Cultivar (Asiatic Lily) Acrylic on Canvas 24×36″ $2,000 University Place Gallery
Patty deGrandpre Iceland House Digital Photographs &Ink on Drafting Film 17×14″ NFS Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Brother Eugene DeLauro Shephardess Oil on Canvas 24×18″ $600 University Place Gallery
Louise Morin Dichard We All Head in Different Directions Oil on Canvas 17.5×21.5″ $835 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Kevin Duffy Object Marble 9x9x10″ NFS Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Norma Dumont Allo, Allo Watercolor 20×20″ $500 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Ela G. Emberg Blue Nature Mixed Media 18×24” $2,850 University Place Gallery
Jacquelyn Etling Inner Structure Infrared Photograph 15×20″ $400 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Irene Fairley Finca Paraiso, Organic farm, Cuba Printmaking 8×10″ $400 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Diane Francis My Kind of Town Woodblock 13×17″ $400 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Aubrey Gauthier Strange Limits SOLD
Collage 5.75 x 4.5″ $150 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Erik Gehring London Plane Tree Photograph – Archival Pigment Print 19×24″ $500 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Celia Gilbert Foreign Idol Acrylic on Board 18×14″ $275 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Wally Gilbert Torn Building #2 – Red Digital Print on Aluminum 20×60″ $1,400 University Place Gallery
Kathe Gregory Up Photo Drawing 24×36″ $1,500 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Lee Griffin Cyclotron Collage 18×24″ $300 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Fay Lamson Hannon By the Charles Oil on canvas 16×20″ $525 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Elizabeth Harris Remains Encaustic, textile and graphite on wood 10″x4.5″x8.5″ $1,200 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Kay Hartung Bio Flow 12 Encaustic and Mixed Media 12×12″ $500 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Marcia Berg Haskell Summer Into Autumn Pastels 23×29″ $950 University Place Gallery
Tracy Hayes Sepia Triptych, I, II, III Mixed Media 36×15″ $600 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Sirarpi Heghinian Walzer Dialogue with Nature IV Mixed Media on Burlap 24×24″ $900 University Place Gallery
Bob Hesse Unquiet CityXXVII Cut Photo on Woodcut 13×19″ $150 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Janet Hobbs Made My Day Watercolor 12×16″ $200 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Donna Howard My Descent Acrylic on canvas 16×20″ $250 University Place Gallery
Wilson Hunt Electra Acrylic gouache on Yupo 30x 30″ $1200 University Place Gallery
Youngsheen A. Jhe We Are Friends Oil on canvas 12×12″ $650 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Alexandra Jordankova Party On Acrylic on canvas 38×38″ $1,200 University Place Gallery
Carol Keller Clouds Acrylic on Canvas 19×15″ $650 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Jim Kociuba Last Light Acrylic on Canvas 36×48″ $2,200 University Place Gallery
Denise Konicek Welcome Hotel (triptych) Fiber art (quilt) 36 X 39″ $2500 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Susan Kottler I’ll Be Watching You Archival Inkjet Print 18×24″ $325 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Mirela Kulovic Object and Land Oil on canvas 16×16″ NFS Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Bonnie Lerner Molly’s Kittens Reductive Monotype 11x 14″ $200 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Zhonghe Li Monkeys Playing Tennis in the Year of Monkey Papercut 24×24″ $400 University Place Gallery
Erica Licea-Kane Glimpses of Memory Acrylic pigment/medium 20x20x2″ $1,850 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Ruth Lieberherr Homage to Balanchine (Serenade) Acrylic 36x 24″ $850.- University Place Gallery
Patricia Mahon Seaside Flower Farm Acrylic and Collage on Panel 24×24″ $700 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Ricardo Malanado The Clearing Acrylic on Canvas 30×30″ $850 University Place Gallery
Maureen McCabe Seasons Acrylic on Board 18×24″ $7oo Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Mark Mckie Stanley Survival Mixed Media 14×18″ $500 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Donna M. McNally Oyster Mist Acrylic on Canvas 18 x 22″ $400 University Place Gallery
Yoshida Michihiro Wonderful Commencement Oil 28×38″ $5,000 University Place Gallery
Nancy Morgan Portland Head Light Fabric 31×39″ $2,400 University Place Gallery
Gaylen Morgan At Thuya Garden Photograph 25×26″ $900.00 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Sandra Mueller-Dick Primal Large II Mixed Media on Wood Panel and Board 30×24″ $2,600 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Diane Nelson Glacial Footprint SOLD
Acrylic 8×10″ $175 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Carolyn Newberger On the Verge Watercolor and Collage 22×30″ $3,400 University Place Gallery
Lelio Nicolas Untitled Acrylic on Canvas 16 X 12″ $450 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Hilary Tait Norod Industrial Oil, Copper, Charcoal, Graphite, Pastel, and Collage on Panel 40×30″ $2,000 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Ted Ollier 25 of 25 Shaped Plate Relief 15×16″ $500 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Judith Papazian In the Studio Oil on Linen 16×20″ NFS Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Polly Parke Communique Oil on Canvas 17×17″ $575 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Daniela Pasqualini Loneliness Acrylic on canvas 16×20″ $430 University Place Gallery
Molly Paul It could have been otherwise Acrylic, flashe and gouache 14×18″ Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Zoe Perry Wood Elsaat Lexx Archival Pigment Print 18×24″ $850 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Anthony Pilla Standish 2 Color Woodcut 17 x 19″ $400 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Dorothy Pilla Wranglers Digital COmposite 26×17″ $525 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Anne Plaisance Aphrodite Collage 25×19″ $1,700 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Judith Prager Along the Rappahannock SOLD
Acrylic 30×40″ $950 University Place Gallery
Patricia Pratt Maine Shell Fish Watercolor $1,800 University Place Gallery
Zev Rejman Mother Earth Etched Metal – mixed media 24X 24″ $ 1,600 University Place Gallery
Sheila Rice Whale’s Song Watercolor and Acrylic $900 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Judy Robinson-Cox Luminous Lunaria Photograph 20×27″ $400 University Place Gallery
Tom Robinson-Cox At the Y Photography 18×22″ $250 University Place Gallery
Carolyn Roche Together Handmade Paper 9×10″ $200 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Sarah Roche Riverwalk, Savannah Digital Photography 18×23″ $350 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Evan Rosenberg Life Acrylic 36X24″ $750 University Place Gallery
Claudia Ruiz-Gustafson Arroz con leche (Rice with Milk) Photography 16×16″ $250 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Anne Russell Heatherd Dunes, Truro Gouahce on Paper 20×16″ $200 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Lisa Gabrielle Russell Excavation #2 Mixed Media Collage 11×10″ $1,600 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Constance Sawyer Exploration Ink on paper 22x 30″ $800 University Place Gallery
On Kyeong Seong When the wind blew Fabric, painting-cutout, stitchery and oil 8 3/8 x 37 1/2 “ NFS Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Angi Shearstone Winter at Weir Oil on board 32×44″ $3800 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Susan Siefer Fragments Mixed Media 14×18″ $450 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Rebecca Skinner Forgotten Beauty Photo on Aluminum 8×24″ $225 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Siri Smedvig Wheel of Blame Mixed Media 17×14″ $500 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
JeanineRoz Sobell PastoreSommer First Root Farm, Concord #2China Fair Oil on cradled panelOil on Board 14×14″20×20” $775$1,200 Kathryn Schultz Gallery Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Bob Stegmaier Zen Body Scape Archival black & white photography 16 x 20″ $ 600 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Brenda Steinberg Wary Bull Oil on Canvas 24 1/4 x 36 1/4″ $1,600 University Place Gallery
Tom Stocker Silver Screen Marilyn Acrylic and Collage on Canvas 12.5×12.5″ $550 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Betty Stone The Baby Project #3 – Susan and Georgina Photograph 20 x 16″ $225 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Gin Stone Jeffrey’s Ledge Bobcat Hand-dyed, retired, longline fishing gear 7 x 11 x 6″ $4,500 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Delaine Strandberg Bad Boy Acrylic on canvas 36×36″ $1,490 University Place Gallery
Lorraine Sullivan My First Dentist Mixed Media 26x18x4″ $900 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Barbara Swanson Flowers From the Farmers Market Acrylic 12×14″ $295 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Dilla Gooch Tingley Counterpane of Picasso Fabric 30.5×34.5″ $400 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Barbara Trachtenberg Circling the Seine   SOLD
Acrylic on Canvas 42×36.5″ $900 University Place Gallery
Mimi Truslow North Harem Morning Watercolor 11 1/4×12 3/4″ $125 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Ann Turley Path Still Taken Oil on Canvas 9×12″ $500 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Susan Varga Daydreamer Ceramic 22.5×14″ $1,090 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
James C Varnum And the Moon Looks Down on the Green Sea Watercolor and Ink 40×32 $850 University Place Gallery
John Vernon Day at the Museum Acrylic 30×30″ $1500 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Susie Vrotsos Looking Down 25×21″ $250 University Place Gallery
Stephanie Warburg Buoyant Blooming Oil on canvas 18×24″ $975 University Place Gallery
Karen Watson Emily series #3 Film photograph 19×24.5″ $850 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Mary Wilkas Remberance of Times Past (Of Dad) Metals, Oils, Acrylic, Watch Gears, etc. 24×11″ NFS Kathryn Schultz Gallery
Timothy Wilson San Juan Studio Photography 25×18″ $500 Kathryn Schultz Gallery
John Wood Top of the World Oil/canvas 28×38″ $2000 University Place Gallery
Phil Young Harvest  SOLD
Acrylic 36×36″ $800 University Place Gallery

Pick Up is in the Gallery your artwork is presented in on the following dates:
Kathryn Schultz Gallery: Thursday, September 29th 11am-5pm + Friday, September 30th, 11am-2pm
University Place Gallery: Thursday, September 29th, 11am-5-pm + Friday, September 30th, 11am-5pm

Please note as signed in the artist exhibitor agreement, CAA cannot store artwork that is not picked up on time due to overlapping exhibition schedule. If you cannot pick up your artwork please make appropriate arrangements to have your work picked up on time (friends, family or co-workers can pick up your artwork for you). If work is not picked up on time, artists will be invoiced $15 per a day in late fees and will not allowed to enter another CAA exhibition until paying their invoices. At the end of the exhibition CAA staff is not responsible for any pick-up transportation, damage or theft once exhibition concludes.