Miniatures | Presented at the Kathryn Schultz Gallery
April 11 – May 6, 2017
Opening Reception | Thursday April 13, 6-8pm
Juried by Marni Katz, Creator of StyleCarrot Boston Globe and Boston Magazine Contributor

About our Juror| Marni Elyse Katz is a Boston-based design journalist, curator/art consultant, and the blogger behind StyleCarrot. She contributes regularly to the Boston Globe and other publications; sources artwork for the Webster & Company showroom at the Boston Design Center; and works with interior designers to find and commission art for their clients. She also organizes pop-up art events to showcase local artists. Katz earned a B.A. from Connecticut College in Asian Studies and a M.A. in Art History from Columbia University. You can follow her @StyleCarrotCurates on Instagram and @StyleCarrot on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

End of Show Pick Up: Monday May 8th & Tuesday May 9th, 11am-5pm

Accepted Artists Listed below:

Lorraine Agri Fantasy Mixed Media Ink and Wax $75 6×6″
Gregory Barry Billowed Isle with Tendrils Mixed Media $90 10.5×7.5×6″
Anne Beinecke Pink Boat Mixed Media $360 12×10″
Peter Cohen Red Sculpture Park Welded Steel, Paint and Organic Materials $850 12.5×11.5×5″
Peter Cohen Shrine No. 2 Welded Steel, Wood $2,800 5x3x6″
David Covert Giacometti’s Graffe Monoprint $120 11×8.5″
Nancy Crasco Landscape Monoprint $125 8×10″
Patty deGrandpre The Cohesive 4 Ink onf Drafting Film $400 12×12″
Anne-Marie Delaunay-Danizio Chameleon Ink Markers on Paper $175 7.5×7.5″
Susan Emmerson Beneath #2 Ink and Gouache on Paper Canvas and Melded Tyvek $300 8×8″
Susan Emmerson Tear off the Skin Ink and Acrylic on Cut and Melded Tyvek $250 8x6x5″
Lynda Fatalo Vestige of Uncertainity Mixed Media Acrylic, Salton on Canvas $200 10×10″
Aubrey Gautier Bunker for One Collage $200 3.5×3.5″
Conny Goelz Schmitt Am Zebrastreifen, 2013 Vintage Book Pages $450 8×8″
Conny Goelz Schmitt Overview/ Weist (Diptych) Vintage Book Pages $900 8×8″
Betsy Gould Pond Series: Winter Gelatin Print $425 11 3/4 x 14.5″
Betsy Gould Pond Series: Spring Gelatin Print $425 11 3/4 x 14.5″
Betsy Gould Pond Series: Summer Gelatin Print $425 11 3/4 x 14.5″
Kathe Gregory Twist of Fate – Relief Found Object (Mixed Media) $750 5×7″
Rachel Hammerman The Very Thirsty Catepillar and After Hour Tales Polymer Clay $250 2.5×1.5×2″
Sirarpi Heghinian Walzer Mood Indigo Mixed Media Encaustic and Collage $450 6.75×6.75″
Bob Hesse Sunflower Iphone Photo on Dyseub on Aluminum $80 8×8″
David Hochbaum Sleepwalker Tower Mixed Media $1,200 12″
Ronni Komarow Desires Mixed Media with Lace and Beads $200 7×10″
Mirela Kulovic Object Candlewax, Ink and Pencil on Paper $900 11×11″
Fay Lamson Hannon Garlic Oil on Canvas $325 12×12″
Steve LeBlanc Red Door: North Cambridge Toy Camera Photography $95 11×9″
Bonnie Lerner Deep in the Forest Monoprint on Board $150 8×10″
Katherine McGough The Dancer Watercolor $250 12×14″
Keith MacLelland Angel Cowboy Recycled Mixed Media $450 7x7x4″
Elizabeth Menges Clogged Embroidery $300 2×2″
Diana Morse Dunes at Barnstable Watercolor $250 9.5×14″
Diane Nelson By the Sea Acrylic on Paper $100 9×11″
Ant Oraloglu Leritate Photograph $300 6×6″
Andrea Oseas Mono No Aware Glass $800 8×8″
Andrea Oseas Mono No Aware Glass $800 8×8″
Deborah Peeples Psychedelic Crop Circles Encaustic $400 6×6″
Margaret Sheldon Landgrove Field Oil $225 9.5×7.5″
Susan Siefer Coming and Going Acrylic, Resin, Wax and Thread $350 12×12″
Rebecca Skinner Star Detail Photography $185 8×12″
Janet Smith Plum Island, MA #27 Photography $75 8×8″
Jeanine Sobell Pastore Leaning Oil on Panel $500  8×10″
Roz Sommer Foggy Ledge Oil on Board $350 8×8″
Roz Sommer Other Side Oil on Board $350 8×8″
Brenda Steinberg He Dropped the Ball Mixed Media $450 12×1.5″
Brenda Steinberg Lithe Figure 3 Wood $450 12x2x1.5″
Lorraine Sullivan Three Breasted Women Mixed Media $250 6×6″
Hilary Tait Norod My Beautiful Mess Oil and Mixed Media on Panel $300 3×5″ (Each)
Stephanie Todhunter Best Friends (Beth and Anne Marie) Mixed Media $120 6x6x2″
Stephanie Todhunter Best Friends (Oona and Tara) Mixed Media $120 6x6x2″
Amantha Tsaros Tropical Sunrise Acrylic on Panel $119 6×6″
Paul Weiner Good Angel Digital Photo Print $600 4×4″
Pat White Stone Cold Redox Monotype via Digital Diptych Painting on Ipad $300 11.5×9″
Pat White Confused Landing #2 Monotype via Digital Painting on Ipad $300 8×10″
Susie White Snippet #22 Mixed Resin and Acrylic $300 4×8″
Timothy Wilson Key West Photography $150 9×12″
Denis Wogan Blue Oil on Birch Squares, Mounted on Panel $125 6×6″
Denis Wogan Ambition Oil on Birch Squares, Mounted on Panel $125 6×6″
Susan Wood The Rhinoceros and the Bird Indirect Drawing on Mulberry Paper $500 11×14″
Phil Young Winter Series, 2017 #10 Acrylic $125 5×7″