Juried by Susie Nielsen, Farm Gallery + Project Space, Wellfleet MA
April 9 – May 4, 2013

“I was pleased to be asked to judge the Spring member’s show, Recycle. at the Cambridge Art Association, a very rich topic. A word that has become part of our daily lives. Like most things that we know of use everyday, there are many layers that we don’t think about, so I went to the dictionaty and came back with: to pass again through a series of changes or treatments, to process, to recover, reuse. While this word has come to be a staple in our social and environmental world, I was looking at the work from the obvious point of recycling but also how in art we are making as part of a bigger whole, and influenced by what was there before, whether it is conscious of not. We re_use, re_process, re_appropriate, re_look and re_think, in a sense that is what art is all about

When looking at the work from the members, I chose work based on the idea of recycling objects, pieces and parts, but also at how work was either re_appropriated like in the Campbell Soup diptych, or others work that took something familiar and re_used it in a different context, like the contact lens cases, or the remotes control, making the viewer stop, think and look, affecting our perception.

As I did many laps around the gallery, re_looking and re_thinking the content of the show, I was struck by the well thought out use of materials, consideration of the idea of recycle in each piece and how the works related to the other work. It was a great opportunity for me as a juror and a viewer. Thank you.

– Susie Nielsen, of Farm Project Space Gallery

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