UP Gallery – Past Shows


September 7 – 27, 2017: Mary Schein Fall Salon, Non Juried Members Exhibition
July 6 – August 31, 2017: Scapes Non Juried Members Exhibition
May 19 – June 23, 2017: National Prize Show, Juried by Nick Capasso
March 31 – May 11, 2017: Sincerity & Sublimity: From Right Now to Next, Small Group Show Featuring the work of Blake Brasher, Joe Kitsch, Hilary Tait Norod, Aria Tudanger and On Kyeong Seong
February 7 – March 25, 2017: Members Prize Show, Juried by Randi Hopkins, Director of BCA
January 12 – 31, 2017: Ideas of Home, Non Juried Members Exhibition


October 4 – 28, 2016: Artists of the Year, Featuring Lee Griffin, Elena Li, Kelly Knight, Sydell Masterman and Zoe Perry-Wood
September 8 – 29, 2016: Mary Schein Fall Salon
July 1 – September 3, 2016: Flora Fauna Part II
May 19 – June 23, 2016: 15th National Prize Show, Juried by Paul C. Ha
April 14 – May 4, 2016: Selfish, Juried by Catherine Kehoe
March 15 – April 11, 2016: Contemplating Landscapes, Small Group Show
February 18 – March 10, 2016: Between Abstraction and Reality, Small Group Show
February 10 – 11, 2016: No Hearts, No Flowers, Winter Pop Up Exhibition and Sale
January 13 – February 11, 2016: Winterbreak, Non Juried Members Exhibition


November 19, 2015 – January 5, 2016: Blue, Juried by Katherine French
October 8 – November 12, 2015: Members Prize Show Juried by Domonic Molon
September 11 – 25, 2015: Mary Schein Fall Salon
July 7-August 27, 2015: Just Around the River Bend
May 15 – June 25, 2015: 14th National Prize Show, In honor of Michael Rush
April 22 – May 8, 2015: CAA at 70, Celebrating 70 Years of Artwork!
March 12 – April 17, 2015: Photography NOW, Juried by Stephen Tourlentes
February 5 – March 5: Paint (Members’ Juried Show) Juror: Ali Ringenburg, Owner & Director, Sloane Merrill Gallery


December 4, 2014 – January 16, 2015: Platinum, Juried by Alise Upitis, Sponsored by the Harvard Coop
September 6 – 26, 2014: 70th Fall Salon in Honor of Mary Schein,
July 2 – August 29, 2014: 2014 New Members Show
May 13 – June 16, 2014: 13th National Prize Show, Juried  by James Welu, Director Emeritus of the Worcester Art Museum
April 4 – May 2, 2015 : Recycle Creativity Lab in Partnership with Cambridge Creativity Commons and Gately Youth Center.
March 6 – April 4, 2014: Mined Over Matter, Small Group Show Featuring Blake Brasher, Bill Briggs, Claire Burke, Walter Kopec, Beverly Rippel and Phil Young
February 4 – March 1, 2014: 69th Members Prize Show | Artists of the Year, Small Group Show featuring, Chuck Beisch, Wally Gilbert, Conny Goelz Schmitt, Siri Smedvig, Thomas Stocker
December 11, 2013 – January 24, 2014: RED – It’s More Than a Color, Juried by Amy Sadao, Daniel Dietrich II Director, Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania


November 9, 2012-January 10, 2013: The Harvard Coop Presents BLUE with Juror Joseph Thompson, Mass MoCA
February 4 – March 1: Echoes of Pop in the New Millennia – Small Group Show
March 6 – April 4: An Unquiet World – Small Group Show featuring the work of Emily Corbato, Suzanne Hodes, Milan Klic, and Brenda Steinberg
April 6-13: Maud Morgan Arts Printmaking Collaborative Show
April 16 – May 11: Inner Gifts – Small Group Show featuring the work of Miae Cho, Soosen Dunholter, Daniel Hirschhorn, and Pat Mahon
May 15 – July 11: 12th National Prize Show, Juried by Toby Kamps, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, The Menil Collection, Houston TX
July 27th  – August 27 : Scenes of Summer, Non Juried Show of Artwork $500 and Under
September 6 – 26: 69th Fall Salon in Honor of Mary Schein
October 4 – November 2: Members Prize Show, Juried by Kate McNamara, Director and Chief Curator, Boston University
November 7 – December 5: A Closer Look: Five Visions, Small Group Show, Featuring Ann Strassman, Patricia Schappler, Daniel Kornrumpf, Elizabeth Kostojohn, and Yair Melamed.


January/February: Reclaimed States, Small Group Show, Featuring the work of Paula Estey, Stephen Martin, Jenny Olsen and Ruth Segaloff
February/March: Exquisite Resistance, Small Group Show featuring the work of Kevin Duffy, Lorraine Sullivan, Philip Young and Timothy Wilson
March/April: Gathering Clouds, Small Group Show featuring the work of Bob Hesse, Ruth Rosner, Madeleine Lord, and Catherine Evans
May/June: 11th National Prize Show, Juried by Clara Kim, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN
July/August: The Art Harvest, Artwork Priced $500 and Under
September: Fall Salon in Honor of Mary Schein
October 2-30: Six Degrees of Abstraction Small Group Show featuring Elisa Adams, Vladimir Barsukov, Irene Fairley, Barbara Filo, Caroline Gregory and Mark Hopkins


February: 14th: No Hearts, No Flowers
March: Growth and Decay, featuring the work of Sarah Meyers Brent, Jodi Colella and Sirarpi Heghinian Walzer
April: BLUE 2010 Award Winners, featuring work by Holly Meade, Nella Lush, David Lang, Bob Cipriani, and Chuck Beisch
May/June: Northeast Prize Show, juried by Theodore Stebbins
August: Art Fair, Featuring work $300 and under.
September: Fall Salon in Honor of Mary Schein
November: Processed Explored, Small Group Show with  Nedret Andre, Wendy Brusick, Janice Corkin Rudolph, Greg Spitzer, and Brenda Van Der Beek
December: Harvard Coop Presents RED Juried By Howard Yezerski, Howard Yezerski Gallery


February: The Art of Love
March: Of This World…And Another
April: Following Darkness Like a Dream, featuring Margaret Igne, Ruth Rosner and Frances Schreiber
May-June: Northeast Prize Show, juried by Cheryl Brutvan, Curator of Contemporary Art, Norton Museum of Art
July-August: Art Fair: $300 and under
September: 66th Annual Fall Salon


February: The Art of Love
March-April: Bertman & Bertman, juried by Richard Bertman and Louisa Bertman
May-June: Northeast Prize Show, juried by William Stover, Curator, Museum of Fine Arts Boston
July-August: Art Fair: $300 and under
September: 65th Annual Fall Salon
October: Seeing is Forgetting, featuring Catherine Evans, Judy Robinson-Cox, Robert Hesse, Madeleine Lord and Lorraine Sullivan
November-January: Red, juried by Carl Belz, Director Emeritus, Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University


January-February: The Art of Love
March: Into the Unknown, featuring Artists Bob Hesse, Ruth Lieberherr, Sandra McRae, and Nadine Suhrbier
April-May: Art In Fiber, featuring Louise Nichols Botero, Pamela Goody, Susan McCraw, Lucy Nims-LaFleche, Gladys Perkins, and Dilla Gooch Tingley
May-June: Northeast Prize Show, juried by Nicholas Baume, Chief Curator, ICA
July: Art Fair
September: 64th Annual Fall Salon
October: Sisters: Lives in Art, featuring Artists Frith Bail, Juli Buyon, Lori Lander, and Llana Manolson
November-January: Blue


February: The Art of Love
March: Torment and Tranquility, featuring Artists Ellen Berger, Milan Klic, Brenda Steinberg, and Susan Vrotsos
April: United In Stone, featuring Artists Elisa Adams, Ann L. Deluty, Irene Fairley, Caroline Gregory, Leona Tevari, and Carmen Torres
May-June: 10th Annual National Prize Show, juried by Thomas W. Lentz, Cabot Director, Harvard University Art Museums
July-September: Art Fair
September: 63rd Annual Fall Salon
October-November: Waves Whimsy Windows, featuring Artists Kitty Pechet Richard Bertman, and Alicia Crombie
November-January: Red, juried by Jane Farver, Director, MIT


February: The Art of Love
March: Janet Hobbs, Michelle Gauthier, Steve Myers
April: Nature of Order and Chaos featuring work by Grace Vasta-Carr, Lydio Musco, Michelle DeMarco
May-June: 9th Annual National Prize Show, juried by Cheryl Brutvan, Beal Curator of Contemporary Art, MFA Boston
July-August: 3rd Annual Art Fair
September: 62nd Annual Fall Salon
October: Time Texture Tone featuring work by Chuck Beisch, Jennie Ray, Robert William Streeter and Mike Wright
November-December: Blue, juried by Carole Anne Meehan, ICA Vita Brevis Project Director


January: Nature Gone Astray: Lisa Graf, Marcella Stasa, Carly Weaver
February: The Art of Love
March: Familiar and Uncertain Landscapes: Camila Chaves Cortes and Mike Hansel
April: Parallels and Crosswalks II: Emily Corbato, Karen Davis and Milan Klic
May-June: 8th Annual National Prize Show, juried by Joseph Thompson, Director, MassMoCA
July-August: 2nd Annual Art Fair
September: 61st Annual Fall Salon
October: Natural Elements: Lynda Goldberg, Miriam Gilman, Judith Lister
November-January 06: Red, juried by Nick Capasso, DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park


December 2003-January, 2004 Jane Wainwright, Renia Platt, David Borrus Anvil, Brush, Knife
February The Art of Love
March Lieberherr, Lundval, Wilkas
April Explore! Irma Cerese, Kristin Street
May-June National Prize Show 2004 juried by Robert Fitzpatrick, Museum of Contemporary Art-Chicago
July/Aug Art is Ageless (senior art exhibition)
September Fall Salon
October Belanger, Christensen-Kirby, Friel
November Blue New England Open Show


February Art of Love
Complements and Contrasts: Donna Baldessari, Joan Frank and Peter Brooks, March 1-April 1, 2003
Natural Inclusions: Sara JH Ashodian, Martha Hoffheimer and Maggie Schmidt, April 3-28, 2003
May 5-June 25 National Prize Show 2003
Hot Days/Cool Nights July 10-September 3
Fall Salon September
Haitian Art Show (curated show, selected Haitian artists) October, 2003 Chaired by Anne Anniger, former curator of Printing & Graphic Arts, Harvard University
Energy November 6-December 5 Open Show-both galleries
Anvil, Brush, Knife December 8, 2003-January 2004 Jane Wainwright, Renia Platt, David Borrus


Hot Colors January 9-February 5
Art of Love February 8-February 26
Impressions, Expressions & Transformations March 1-27 Irma Cerese, Ruth Susan Riley & Julia Scorupsky
Small Group April 4-April 27 Lundin, Hauck and Blyth
National Prize Show May 3-June 24
New England Summer July-September 3
Fall Salon Sept 10-October 1
Natural Ties October 4-October 30, Kathleen Camarrata, Donna Hamil-Talman, David Green and Jodi Hays Gresham
Spectral Works, November 5-November 30
December 6-January 7, 2003 Mee, Pilchard, Stone, Fader


Art of Love, February
Impressions, Expressions and Transformations, March 1-27
Journeywork, April
Translating the Epiphany, July 18-September 15
National Prize Show, May-June
Fall Salon, September 11-October 1
Quilts, October 4-31 Sara Gindel, Carol Anne Grotian, Sylvia Einstein Bea Grayson
Contrasting Rhythms, November 3-29, D’Ann Brownrigg, Norma Dumont, Simon LeJeune, Pat McNabb, Antoinette Winters
Beneath the Surface December 4-January 7, 2002 Lynn Markey, Brenda Steinberg, Robin Masi


Blue, January 11-Feb 6, open show
Art of Love, February 9-29
Layers of Time, March 2-30, Ewin, Molloy, Hamil-Talman, Quinn
Inspirations of Nature, April 5-April 30, Gallager, Scorupsky, Gampel and Wylie
National Prize Show, May 3- 30
Art is Ageless, June 2-July 5, with CAC
Gabrielle Cordovez & Patricia White, July 7-Sept 3
Fall Salon, September 9-31
Lyric and Color in 2&3D, October 3-30, Lieberherr, Shapiro and Wilkas
Vassar Art, November


Emily Corbato and Karen Davis, January
Four Personal Visions, March 2-30, 1999, Ellen Berger, Lee Garrison, Esther Geller, Roslyn Zinn
The Road Less Traveled: Four Spiritual Paths, April
Drawing and Printmaking, June 6-29
Refusee, July 7-September 7
Fall Salon September 10-29
Expressions of Reality, October 2-29, Amy Kaufman, Jackie Ellis, Peggy McLure
Explorations: A Question of Balance November 2-29 Bruce Greene, Wanda Metcalf, Hans Heilman
Transparency and Structure: Landscape and the Natural Order December 2-January 5 Betsey Morse Mayer, Suzanne Hodes, Sarah Sutro


Camerada: Collaborative Works, January 3-29
The Art of Love, February 4-26, children’s work from ten schools for specially challenged students
Image and Verse, March 7-27, both galleries- open show Juror: Carl Belz
National Prize Show, April 2-30
Reflective Rhythms, May 5-28, 1998, Janet Kaplan, Edie Pepper, Mary Lee, Mary McCallum
Cambridge senior exhibit, June 3-June 25, with the Cambridge Arts Council
A Space Between, July 2-August 28, Betsy Duvall, Kim Bernard, Lindy Sutton, Beverly Rippel
Fall Salon, September 15-October 1
Four Artists, More Quilts, October 6-November 2, work by Sylvia Einstein, Sarah Gindel, Bea Grayson and Carol Grotian
Partners in Printmaking, November 4-28
Photography and Sculpture (Dusan Petran and Anna Salmeron), December 2-30


Small Group, Jan 7-Feb 3, Nancy Schefflin, Norma Dumont
Dreamstuff, March 4-April 2
Art of Love, Feb 7-27
The Edge of Chaos June 3-June 26, Thomas Halloran, Marlene Lundvall and Paul Weiner
Turn of the Centuries: Childhood and Photography: Then and Now, July 1-July 30, Anna Shaw and Marjorie Nichols
Abstraction Three Ways, August 2-September 3, Lila Mehlman, Sheila Rice, and Jane Gray Wainwright
Fall Salon, September 6-24
About Cambridge, September 30-October 28, open show in both galleries
Four Visions/Four Paths, October 31-November 28, Joan Gitlow, Marcia Lamel, Ed Mason, Phyllis Harper Loney
Basic Elements, December 2-30, Carl Lackey, Helen Tory and Marcia Widenor


September 1995 Salon Show Sept. 8-28
Technology Links Oct. 5 – Nov. 17
Works In Watercolor Nov. 21- Dec. 26 Sally Joslin, Pat Rogers, Diana Morse
Small Group Dec. 29 1995 – Jan. 25 1996 Helen Kilbridge, Anne Ireland, Muriel Mitchell
Women See… Jan. 31 – Mar. 1 Chairs: Brenda Steinberg, Ei Turchinetz
Small Group March 5 – 29 Linda Hicks, Larry Bowling
VSA Springfest (a celebration of Spring) APRIL 1 -27
Landscape, Mindscape, S Moore and B Barss, MAY 1 – 29
Dimensions in Glass June 3 – 28 Dan Maher, Nancy Nicholson, Rufus Seder, Tom Krepcio
Small Group July 3 – August 31 Pat Pratt, David Kellogg
Quilt Show August 5 – September 6 Sarah Gindel, Beatriz Grayson, Carol Ann Grotian, Sylvia Einstein
Fall Salon Show Sept. 10 – Oct. 4
Herta Loeser Furniture Oct.9 – Nov.29
Small Group Dec. 3 1996 – Jan 3 1997 Hiroko Lee, Eva Gallant, Christy Cornett
Small Group Deutch, Johnson, Jones, Dec 1-Jan 3, 1996
The Anxiety of Influence: March 12-April 12, 1996
Only the Light Remembers: April 30-May 29th, 1996
Form, Shadow, Color, Light (J Baring-Gould, S Falconi, J Hercule and F Waltman), July 4-August 3, 1995 Visions: Light and Dark (S Dunkel, B Golahny and M dePierro),Aug 8-Sept 5, 1995
Beyond Techniques to Personal Vision, Oct 8-Nov 1, 1996
New Work from a New Studio: Dec 29-Jan 25, 1997