Winter Break – Non Juried Exhibition


Winter Break
Presented at University Place Gallery | January 13 – February 11, 2016
Thursday, February 11th 5-7pm


For Participating Artists: PICK UP
Please be aware of the dates listed below, CAA cannot store artwork that is not picked up on time due to overlapping exhibitions/installations. If you cannot pick up your artwork please make appropriate arrangements to have your work picked up on time (friends, family or co-workers can pick up your artwork for you). If work is not picked up on time, artists will be invoiced $15 per a day in late fees and will not allowed to enter another CAA exhibition until paying their invoices. At the end of the exhibition CAA staff is not responsible for any pick-up transportation, damage or theft once exhibition concludes.

Friday, February 12th, 11-5pm | Saturday, February 13th, 9-1pm


Pesya Altman Between Land & Sea/Bird Masks 30×24″ Mixed Media on Canvas $1,500
Youngsheen A. Jhe You’re Miles Away 36×18″ Oil on Canvas $3,150
Dick Buckley Essence #174 24×36″ Acrylic on gallery-wrap Canvas $2,500.00
Judith Clapp The Old Pomp 16×20″ Ink Jet Print $200.00
Jane Coder Family 48×48″ Acrylic $45,000.00
Mary Coelho A Nearly Hidden Stream 11×15″ Watercolor $125
Sandrine Colson-Inam Micro-Winter 2 12×12″ Mixed Media: Ink, sand, acrylic, paper, silver powder, enamel paint $350.00
David Covert Pt. Reyes 3 24×32″ Acrylic and Canvas $1,200.00
Elizabeth Coxe White Onions 12×15″ Oil on Canvas $600
Patty deGrandpre Administrative Assistant 12×26″ Mixed Media $250.00
Kevin Duffy Untitled 15x18x10″ Granite $2,000
Norma Dumont Island 23×39″ Oil Pastel $700.00
David Fallon Luscious Lips 22×30″ Mixed Media $1,500.00
Suzannah Flint Sagittarious 24×17″ Etching $100
Lisa Gabrielle Russell Coalescence #519 14×12″ Oil on Canvas $6,500.00
Wally Gilbert Doors to Nowhere 45×30″ Digital Print on Aluminum $2,200.00
Gillian Haven White Wings 20×24″ Oil $600
Sirarpi Heghinian – Walzer Body and Soul II 40×32″ Ink on Paper $2,400
Linda Clayton Hicks Books N’ Laps 19.5×25.5″ Acrylic and Oil NFS
Janet Hobbs Refuges 20×16″ Watercolor $225.00
Suzanne Hoffman Curve Meets Line 13×13″ Mixed Media $525.00
Wilson Hunt Be-Bop 25×30″ Acrylic Gouache on Yupo $750.00
Chris Katides Annunciation 30×40″ Oil on Canvas $500.00
Jim Kociuba Reflection 48×24″ Merallic Acrylic and Pumice on Canvas $1,800.00
Susan Kottler Old Friends 16×20″ Archival Inkjet Print $300
Holly Larner Near and Far 21×21″ Oil and Graphite on Canvas $500.00
Paul Levenson Takeet/ Malooma 18×18″ Sculpture $250.00
Maria Lindberg Into the Woods 16×20″ Mixed Media $800.00
Melissa London White Barn 17×21″ Digital Photography $375
Pat Mahon The Barn’s Many Seasons 24×24″ Acrylic and Paper on Board $700.00
Ricardo Maldonado Red 26×36″ Acrylic on Canvas $950
Donna McNally Ocre Mist 24×24″ Acrylic $400.00
Diane Nelson Snowy Ridge 10×8″ Acrylic $150
Carolyn Nelson Blues & Green 22×30″ Oil on Paper, Framed $1,250.00
Lelio Nicolas Sunset at the Park 36×40″ Acrylic on Canvas $500.00
Lelio Nicolas Sunset at the Park 36×40″ Acrylic on Canvas $500.00
Polly Parke Nauset Estwary 24×24″ Oil on Canvas $1,000
Daniela Pasqualini Inflamed Thoughts 24×24″ Acrylic $480.00
Sandra Pilotto The Winter Winds They Have Come and Gone 12×12″ Acrylic on Wood Cradle $325.00
Sandra Pilotto The Winter Winds Have Come and Gone 12.5×12.5″ Acrylic on Wood Cradle $325
Judith Prager Aerial 22×28″ Acrylic on Canvas $750.00
Moria Racich Winter Sunrise 24×30″ Acrylic $1,850
Brooke Richard Gold, 2013 34×24″ Mixed Media and Oil on Canvas $2,400
Dan Rocha Somewhere I Have Never Traveled 7×16″ Wood, Silver Leaf, Resin $275
Paul Ryan Flowers in Bright Light (Ode to SC Yuan) 30×48″ Oil on Canvas $1,900.00
Siri Smedvig Alignment Series – Crown of Eyes 20×16″ Paint on Vellum, Stitched $600
Janet Smith Gently Falling 16×20″ Photography $225.00
Roz Sommer Small Green with Three 10×10″ Oil on Board $600
Bob Stegmaier Bodyscape 16×29″ Photography $500.00
Delaine Strandberg Christmas Tree Man on Wheels 15×19″ Watercolor $395
Lorraine Sullivan The Inevitability of Change 18×24′ Handmade Paper, Threads, Image Transfer of Vintage School Photos $3,000
Barbara Swanson Tisbury Farmers Market 12×14″ Acrylic $195.00
Gilead Tadmor An Old Woman on a Couch 24×18″ Pastel on Paper $600.00
Ann Tracy Love: Mixed Colors 5.75×5.75″ Mixed Media $80.00
James Varnum The Hope of Spring 28×36″ Watercolor on Yupo $600.00
Lidija Vukovic Stories 24×16″ Acrylic $450
Mary Wilkas Night is the Shadow of Light 27×21″ I.M on Artist silver Foil Emboss NFS
Timothy Wilson Marconi Beach 32×43″ Photography $300.00
Nancy Wood Untitled 12×24″ Acrylic on Panel $400.00
Phil Young Down There 18×24″ Acrylic $800